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hacked by Valeiriya

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Chapter 1

Everytime I tried remembering what happened to me, after being kicked out of that car, my heart broke into tiny little pieces. . I was dying to know how I found myself in a mental hospital. I knew I was… Continue Reading →

Getting friendly with the Spreaders of Gospel..

Greetings, my beautiful people. December is a month of happiness and joy, therefore, we are getting all personal with a local gospel group, Sspel. It is with great pleasure and excitement to get to know more about the most stylish… Continue Reading →

Cry for help!

Seasons Greetings, everybody. If you remember well, I said the main aim of this new venture is for us (me and you) to get to know each other better and maybe reach a better understanding of each other’s worlds. Well,… Continue Reading →

#FriendlyFridays – Getting friendly with Sistah Sankara

Busisiwe Kani- the name already carries so much weight. She is very creative- and I’m saying this because I read a story she wrote on Facebook, on a man’s point of view. People (myself included) believed that “she” was a… Continue Reading →

RainbowMondays Raising a teenager (Letter to my peers)

The issue of teenage pregnancy is often tackled in a form of an attack to an already pregnant girl, in our communities. Being Black, from a rural community, not a single day have I ever talked to an adult about… Continue Reading →

RainbowMondays – Finding Closure

“Each day is a loan, spend it wisely”- Unknown Greetings, hugs and kisses! Today I am at my worst, and I choose to let it all out, here! Today’s initial post was ready to be published, but I decided to… Continue Reading →

Getting Friendly with Sandie

  Hi friends. It’s Friday and we are getting friendly with one of the most influential artists that Ndevana has given birth to. He is one of those people who hold the Ndevana flag sky high, with pride and honor-… Continue Reading →

​Death of a loved one (Ibali lika Sihle)

​Death of a loved one (Ibali lika Sihle)That feeling of hearing that someone close to you has passed on, is life a life sentence itself. Death is a very ugly monster. A monster that always leaves us falling apart. The… Continue Reading →

Getting friendly with Siyolise Mahlati

Greetings, dear friends. It’s that time of the week again, when we get up and personal with our artists, from all walks of life. Today’s interview took me back to the Ibali lika Sihle times. I remember getting an inbox… Continue Reading →

How the absence of parents affects the child (Ibali lika Sihle)

​The day I decided to step out of my shell and put myself out there as a writer, I sat down and thought long and hard about what to write about. I didn’t want to write for the sake of… Continue Reading →

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