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Season 2.. Chapter 10

A year later. I am still looking for a suitable word to use, to describe how my life turned out, after that day. Brother Lwando, the guy that helped me escape the world of misery, became my most trusted mentor…. Continue Reading →

Season 2.. Chapter 9

  “I know how it feels like to lose someone you love..” She took a huge sigh. I looked at her, as she was sinking deep in the ocean of thoughts. “Five years ago, I lost my husband, in an… Continue Reading →

Season 2.. Chapter 8

“Alex, please drive off” I said, still drowning in my pool of shame. He silently drove off. “Bye Wonga, thanks for everything!!” I shouted, as we drove off. “Jeez, that guy” I rolled my window up. “Are you okay?” I… Continue Reading →

Season 2.. Chapter 7

Everyone looked at him, with faces that were in total agreement with what he said. “What? Look, stay out of this. Okay? This is between me and the father of my children” “Mandy!!” Mommy exclaimed. “What?” I looked at her…. Continue Reading →

Season 2.. Chapter 6

  Fighting sounded all easy and doable, until I had to wear those gloves and got on that ring. Ntsiki had my back 100%, bending over backwards so that I could fight those people and get my children back. “Mandy,… Continue Reading →

Season 2… Chapter 5

I sighed. Wow. I don’t know, but it felt like a breakup to me. I wanted to explode and tell him how much I loved him, but I had to keep my cool and make sense of what he was… Continue Reading →

Season 2.. Chapter 4

“Anyway, how are you?” I sighed. “I don’t know hey. I really don’t know. I mean, one minute I’m excited about being out of that place, and the next, I am all scared and nervous about it” She nodded. “I… Continue Reading →

Season 2… Chapter 3

“So, we will have to go shopping. You can’t really walk around in those” He pointed at the clothes I was wearing. I looked at what I was wearing too, and smiled. “Apparently, I arrived wearing these, when I got… Continue Reading →

Season 2 .. Chapter 2

I got to my bed and practically threw myself on it. I faced the ceiling, torturing myself with thoughts of how Alex might have been feeling, or what his thoughts were. Maybe if I had spoken to him, I would… Continue Reading →

Getting to know Luphelo

Happy Friday everybody..   This is the first artist feature for 2018, and what makes it more special is the fact that I am featuring someone I admire so much. Someone I have watched grow as a little child, from… Continue Reading →

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