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Season 2.. Chapter 4

“Anyway, how are you?” I sighed. “I don’t know hey. I really don’t know. I mean, one minute I’m excited about being out of that place, and the next, I am all scared and nervous about it” She nodded. “I… Continue Reading →

Season 2… Chapter 3

“So, we will have to go shopping. You can’t really walk around in those” He pointed at the clothes I was wearing. I looked at what I was wearing too, and smiled. “Apparently, I arrived wearing these, when I got… Continue Reading →

Season 2 .. Chapter 2

I got to my bed and practically threw myself on it. I faced the ceiling, torturing myself with thoughts of how Alex might have been feeling, or what his thoughts were. Maybe if I had spoken to him, I would… Continue Reading →

Getting to know Luphelo

Happy Friday everybody..   This is the first artist feature for 2018, and what makes it more special is the fact that I am featuring someone I admire so much. Someone I have watched grow as a little child, from… Continue Reading →

Chapter 1

Everytime I tried remembering what happened to me, after being kicked out of that car, my heart broke into tiny little pieces. . I was dying to know how I found myself in a mental hospital. I knew I was… Continue Reading →

Getting friendly with the Spreaders of Gospel..

Greetings, my beautiful people. December is a month of happiness and joy, therefore, we are getting all personal with a local gospel group, Sspel. It is with great pleasure and excitement to get to know more about the most stylish… Continue Reading →

Cry for help!

Seasons Greetings, everybody. If you remember well, I said the main aim of this new venture is for us (me and you) to get to know each other better and maybe reach a better understanding of each other’s worlds. Well,… Continue Reading →

#FriendlyFridays – Getting friendly with Sistah Sankara

Busisiwe Kani- the name already carries so much weight. She is very creative- and I’m saying this because I read a story she wrote on Facebook, on a man’s point of view. People (myself included) believed that “she” was a… Continue Reading →

RainbowMondays Raising a teenager (Letter to my peers)

The issue of teenage pregnancy is often tackled in a form of an attack to an already pregnant girl, in our communities. Being Black, from a rural community, not a single day have I ever talked to an adult about… Continue Reading →

RainbowMondays – Finding Closure

“Each day is a loan, spend it wisely”- Unknown Greetings, hugs and kisses! Today I am at my worst, and I choose to let it all out, here! Today’s initial post was ready to be published, but I decided to… Continue Reading →

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