Everything was all happening so fast and I was a bit ovewhelmed, but i maintained my calm.

I got to Alex’s car, to get Uyi. The boys were both minding their businesses, and they looked extremely bored. I knocked on Alex’ window. He looked up, rolled the window down and sat up straight.

“Mama, what took you so long?”

Uyi asked.

“Dad arrived baby. I had to talk to him for a while”

I replied.

“We’ve been here since forever. I’m hungry now”

He complained again.

“Uyi, can I have a quick word with uncle Alex?”

I asked, and Uyi looked away.

“Uhm. Listen, Sibusiso is asking me to get Uyi. He wants me to help them accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and saviour”

Alex gave me a blank stare.

“I’ll explain everything later”

I added.

“So are you expecting me to sit here and wait for you guys to finish?”

He asked.

“No, you don’t have to. All I’ll need help with, is his luggage”

I replied.

“Why didn’t you bring his luggage now?”

I could sense that he was annoyed.

“I’m sorry. I wanted to talk to you first. It would have looked like I was insensitive if I just brought you luggage and told you to leave”

I replied. Our conversation was low toned, even though I could see that Alex was ready to explode.


He said.

“I’m really sorry. Things didn’t go according to plan”

He just nodded once.

“Uyi, come.. Let’s go”

I raised my voice. Uyi opened his door and jumped out of the car. I went to close the door for him, while he ran towards the house.

“I’ll bring the luggage just now”

I announced as I walked away. When I got to the house, Uyi was on his father’s lap and they were having a heated conversation.

“Let me take these to Alex”

I pointed at Uyi’s bag and bicycle.

“Oh okay. The others are on their way as well”

He responded. I picked the bag up.

“Can I help you with that?”

He asked.

“Thank you”

I looked at him. He put Uyi on the couch and carried the bag and bicycle. I walked next to him as we walked to the car.

“Sibusiso, thank you so much for doing this”

I said.

“Don’t mention it. Can’t we ask Alex to go? I’ll take you guys home”

He suggested.

“Thanks,but Alex is waiting for these already. I don’t want to make it sound like I don’t need him anymore”

I replied. He looked at me.

“You don’t need him”

He replied. I looked at him, and decided to remain silent. We got to the car. Alex’s window was still rolled down. Sibusiso greeted and Alex greeted back.

“Could you open the boot for me?”

Sibusiso asked.


Alex replied. Alex unlocked the boot and Sibusiso loaded everything in.

“Man, thanks for helping out. I did ask Mandy if I could take them home later,with the luggage, but you know Mandy. Once she has her mind made up, there is no going back from that”

He chuckled.


Alex replied. Sibusiso cleared his throat.

“Okay then. See you around”

Sibusiso went back into the house.

“Is that his way of telling me that he can do all this?”

Alex asked.

“Maybe it was his ego talking”

I replied.

“Alex, I’m really sorry for keeping you waiting like this”

“Its okay. I’m just worried about the situation back home. That woman knows that we are together and she clearly hates it. I’m scared she might tell my wife”

“I really don’t know how to handle that situation. Maybe I should just move out and find my own place, because clearly I can’t move back home”

“Talking about home, when are we going back to that house? We agreed on going back there later today, but you changed plans”

He said.

“I know hey. I’ll be quick, so we can have time to go there today”

I replied. Alex left and I went back into the house.Sibusiso’s  wife arrived, with the kids. She looked so happy to see me. While she went to make food for the kids, i went to keep her company in the kitchen. We talked, and she was telling me all about Sibusiso’s obsession with the kids and how it scared her because he was treating them a little differently from the other kids. He appeared to love them more and it pained her a lot because Sibusiso was sensitive about the issue.

“Its really difficult staying in this house. Its like… I don’t know.. Its like he is the only person who can love the twins right. He snaps at me over little things when it comes to the twins. He keeps a close eye on how I treat them, and is always checking if they are happy with me around”

She added.

“He asks them that??”

I asked.

“Yes. He does. Mandy, please don’t get me wrong.. I love the twins, but he is making it difficult for me to show them my love. I accepted them into our house because I wanted nothing but the best for them”

“I’m sorry you had to go through all that. I can’t even begin to imagine how you must be feeling right now”

I said, not knowing what else to say.

“To be quite honest with you, I’m happy that you are taking the kids. I’m hoping they will live a normal life”

“You think they are not living a normal life here?”

“With all this drama that he’s putting us through, I don’t think the kids are happy. Mandy, that man is obsessed”

“After today, I am hoping that things will go back to normal. But, I am taking both kids with me. I just wish he will let me take Angel without any hassles”

“Convince him. These kids need a break from him”

I nodded.

“I will talk to him. Thank you so much for telling me all this”

I said.

“I hope the kids will get over this whole thing. Sibusiso’s love for those kids is toxic”