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This is the first artist feature for 2018, and what makes it more special is the fact that I am featuring someone I admire so much. Someone I have watched grow as a little child, from the dusty streets of Ndevana, into becoming an National artist. Watching his development has been nothing but a pleasure and inspiration. He has been working really hard in claiming his position in the world of comedy, and I must admit, he really is funny. You have watched him on etv’s Matatiele, witnessed him being a host in events, laughed at his funny jokes- now enjoy reading about him here. Let’s get down to it.


Q: In not more than five sentences, describe Luphelo Kodwa on and off stage.                                                    A:Luphelo off stage, I could say is quite confusing because there are days that you will find him not saying much and being silent and simply observing and taking notes in his mind, on stage I simply become more of a reporter in an artistic way because everything I speak about are matters that black people deal with on a daily basis.

Q: At what point in your life did you realize that making people laugh could actually be a career?
A: I grew up as an artist and making people laugh is part of my artistry, so I decided to make a career out of it.

Q: Growing up in Ndevana, how has the journey been for you?
A: Growing up in Ndevana is quite interesting because as much as this place is a village, there’s a lot that takes place. One week, you could be having a village experience and in the other week you feel like you are in a township, so it is a very interesting place to grow up in because you learn and face different challenges that will make you more wiser or they can take you off rail.


Q:  We have seen you on eTv’s Matatiele, acting as a doctor. Tell us more about your acting career
A: After Matatiele, I decided to concentrate more on my stand up comedy because I didn’t want to be that comedian who is part of the lineup because he’s famous, so in the future I will pursue it again.

Q: How do you handle all the fame, when you’re home? How do you make people continue to treat you like the normal same person that you were before all the fame?
A: Lol I don’t know about fame. I don’t think I am famous, to be honest, I believe am still known by the people who knew me before but now they know what I have been doing so it changes how they perceive me.

Q: What lessons have your journey taught you, over the years, that you would like to share with us?
A: My journey hasn’t been that long but all I can say the worst thing you can do to yourself is giving up on yourself.

Q: To a person who wishes to follow your foot steps, what would you say?
A: All I could say is do you, there is no better feeling than when you achieve and you know you were original.

Q: What inspires you to always be on your toes, making your career work?
A: My dreams and family. I am always in tune with myself and that always keeps me on my toes.
My worst critic is myself, always be honest with yourself.

Q:  Who is that one person that serves as your rock, your pillar of strength?
A: My mom.

Q: Where can people get hold of you? (your social media handles
A: Facebook Luphelo Kodwa
tweet,insta: Luphelo Kodwa Lup_helo

Authenticity. In 2018, we are still preaching authenticity in the world of art. Luphelo puts emphasis on it as well, because, let’s face it, lack of it is still an issue that we are dealing with. There is nothing as inspirational as seeing an artist who is not afraid of presenting his/her art in her own original way, without trying to copy anyone else of even trying to fit in. Also, being honest with yourself as an artist is one of the very important survival tools. Give yourself a pat on the back when you have done well, and still admit to yourself when you have messed up- that way, growth is guaranteed. Not only is Luphelo talented, but he is also very smart as well. My melts every time he mentions his family- it just goes to show that, wherever Luphelo goes, he carries his family in his heart and is willing to fly his family flag up high for the world to see.

I would like to thank him for the important points that he has shared with us, to kick start the year in the best way we possibly can. I really appreciate the fact that he took his time to chat with me and answer all the questions that I had for him. I must admit though, getting hold of him has been quite a hassle, but I completely understand, it comes with the territory. So, next time you see him on TV or attend an event where he is blessing you with laughter, remember that he is a man of integrity, who knows and respects his purpose in life.