Greetings, my beautiful people.

December is a month of happiness and joy, therefore, we are getting all personal with a local gospel group, Sspel. It is with great pleasure and excitement to get to know more about the most stylish gospel group in town. They are fueled by principles and values, and their love for the Lord, makes them stand out, not only as a group but as individuals as well. Let’s get to know more about them, below.



Questions and Answers


Tell us about your name SSPEL and what it means to you as a group..

The name SSPEL stems from Spreaders of Gospel, our objective is to spread the Gospel which is all about good news. Good news through music

Take us through the journey of the group formation, what characteristics were you looking for when forming the group besides the singing ability?

SSPEL was formed in a rural area of Eastern Cape called Ndevana in 2013. It was formed by Khayalethu Ngalonkulu and Sipheni Baku-Baku, consisting of 7 vocalists and 3 band members. They wanted to initiate an organization/group that will spread the gospel musically, so they had to look and find guys who are already active in their churches.

SSPEL consists of men only, is that deliberate or was just a coincidence?

It was a coincidence, we just wanted to form a group with our friends who are actively involved in music and church, and it happened that those friends were all males

As a group from rural a area, what challenges have you faced in your journey to success?

Most people do not take us seriously. Especially with the fact that we are from and still based in a rural area, they think it is impossible to have a career in music under such circumstances. We have faced many challenges and still do, in EC we have donโ€™t get any support at all especially from our government, music promoters and other musicians. It is discouraging for any artist to have no support from home, but we have our vision and we know where we want to be so we donโ€™t allow such obstacles to hinder our vision and mission.

We have seen you on TV, how do you handle the pressure of being well known and what keeps you humble and grounded?

We are grateful to God for opening great doors for us such as TV appearances and radio interviews. However we donโ€™t see ourselves as well known artists, we still regard ourselves as an upcoming group and we are still building our brand gradually. So we do not have to deal with any pressure because we are not yet well known.

Please share the experience from the Berlin November performance..?

Berlin November was a great experience, the feedback and reaction we received from the audience was top class and it is always great to get such response especially at home.


What are your career highlights?

Performing in the following gigs in no particular order: Berlin November, Joy of Jazz, Ekurhuleni Gospel Festival, Take Me To Church Festival. First time TV appearance and radio airplay, getting a feature on Move magazine and Daily Dispatch, sharing stages with all great artists that we look up to from Gospel, Jazz and Afro Pop/Soul. Lastly being nominated at INGOMA awards for 2 categories.

Please tell us about your new single, imizamo..

Our new single was released on the 1st of December 2017 and the name of the song is called Imizamo. The song talks about the struggles, perseverance and determination of not giving up.ย  The song is available on datafile for a free download on the following link:


In a country that celebrates different types of genres, why did you choose Gospel?

We are believers of the Word so we chose to do gospel mainly to minister the word of God in a lighter and much fun musical way.

What inspires you to write and produce such unique sounds?

We listen to different genres of music, so wanted something that will differentiate us from the crowd, something unique and soulful. But most of all we are inspired by the word of God and Life when writing.

Where can people get hold of your music?

People can get our music online for free, on platforms such as Youtube, Soundcloud and Datafile

Please give us your social media handle..

On FB: SSPEL, Twitter: @SSPEL_ , Instagram: SSPEL_

What is your motto or words of wisdom?

Pray hard and work hard.

Their motto sums up all my beliefs, as far as success is concerned- pray hard and WORK hard. We need a new generation of artists that work hard, to perfect their crafts and putting themselves out there. This right here is proof that your background is no excuse for a dim future. These guys are from the rural areas, but they have worked really hard to get their work to reach people from all walks of life. The excitement I felt when I saw them on TV for the very first time, I’m sure you can’t even begin to imagine it. I am very proud of the outcomes of all the hard work they put into their art. As for the part about not getting support back home, my heart just sank. It is sad that we always take people (and their work) for granted, until their careers start blossoming and we start claiming them. Its sad. Let’s support local artists, let’s help them towards their success- because all they have is us as a community, until South Africa owns them completely. I urge you guys to click on the provided link, and get a taste of what Sspel is all about, I promise you, they preach through their music, with their angelic blending voices. Thank you so much to Lunga Ngalonkulu, for chatting with us. Thank you to the whole group for blessing us with great music.


Thank you, till we meet again.