Hi everyone. I trust that you enjoyed your week as much as I did. This is a very special day for us, because we are hosting our very first artist interview. I hope you are as excited as I am. Without wasting any more of your time, let’s get down to business.

Today, we are getting to know more about a Mdantsane born artist, Cebo Mzanywa, from Billion Plan Media. The name obviously rings a bell to East Londoners, because Cebo’s vibrant music has caught our ears over the years. He knows what he wants, and is not afraid of going after it. On his way up, he is creating great friendships and professional relationships. He is warm hearted and welcoming, almost everyone’s go-to guy. He is that reliable.

As we are all going to attend his event on the 28th of October 2017, let’s get to know a bit more about him. It would be really nice to know the man behind that ‘beautiful’ voice, don’t you think? Below is my conversation with our man of the moment, enjoy..

Q: Who is Cebo?

A: Cebo is an artist who is doing Afrocentric music and also an Arts promoter.
Q: We have heard some of your songs, so tell us what inspires you to write such songs? A: Life in general but I also write about my past & current experiences.
Q: Besides being a performer, what else do you do in the world of art?

A: I’m an Arts promoter, I organize arts promotion events and I have my own clothing line which is named under the banner of the arts movement called (KONE TSHOYO).

Q: What challenges did you face in your journey as an artist when you were starting out, and what made you hold on to your dream?

A: Firstly, lack of support from family and close friends but my Mom was the best & only person who ever believed in me. She booked me a studio time so I could be able to record my music demo. Operating with insufficient capital is still a huge challenge but one needs to be innovative, strategic and learn to find ways that will enable him/her to achieve their main objectives.

Q: Most of us know you as Mr #Kone_Tshoyo, tell us what “Kone_Tshoyo” means and what message are you trying to convey with that tag line?

A: “KONE TSHOYO” Is the name of the arts movement that, I, Cebo Mzanywa is running/heading.  Our main objective is to empower young and upcoming artists to believe in their dreams and dream big. We specialize in pushing WORD OF MOUTH and the movement started through Word of Mouth but that doesn’t mean we don’t use electronic & print media platforms when empowering artists.

Q: What sets your creativity fire alight?

A: My voice is unique and the way I compose my songs is different as a result, my songs/works are published by a well-established music publisher called SHEER PUBLISHING AFRICA which is based in JHB. My work ethic is one of the things that make me a different artist; I don’t go around coping other people’s creative work.
Q: As busy as you are, how do you manage to find balance between business and your private life?

A: To me, my creative passion is not a hobby but my life so it’s a must to find balance and life is all about finding balance. My passion comes first to me and everything else is a bonus.
Q: You have an event coming up, tell us more about that.

A: BCM MUSIC PROMOTION SHOW is a programme aiming to uplift the standard of arts in our province which is not fully recognized, ensuring that it is a tool that can promote and develop Education, culture and Heritage. The event will be hosted in a central business area called EKONENI NU1 Mdantsane on the 28/October/2017. Time 18:00 till late. Entry fee is R50 ticket then R70 gate takings. For more information about it please feel free to go to our Facebook page called: BCM MUSIC PROMOTION SHOW.
Q: What would you say to a township boy who is looking up to you?

A: Go to school and learn more about business management and investing.
Q: Where can people find you? Please give us your social network handles and booking details.

A: Twitter: @CMzanywa

Facebook: Cebo Music SA

Mobile: 27 78 846 2430

Company Facebook page: Billion Plan Media,eMail:cmcebooz@gmail.com
Cebo, wow. He touched my heart when he mentioned the lack of support from family and friends. Almost every artist goes through that season of rejection in his/her life. What matters at this point is how you handle the rejection. People like Cebo are living examples that if you know what you want, nothing will ever stand in your way.

Again, he moved my heart when he said his creative passion is not a hobby to him, but his life. That statement got a nod from me. I felt like Cebo was describing me. Nothing excites me more than an artist whose life is purely art. Those people give me life.

As he has mentioned above, Cebo is hosting a BCM Music Promotion Event on the 28th of October 2017, at Ekoneni Butchery, NU1 Mdantsane. The event is not Cebo’s way of getting a spotlight, but rather his way of promoting young and upcoming musicians who hardly ever get any platform to showcase their talents. He knows and understands how discouraging it is to be an artist from the dusty streets, with nothing but a talent and big dreams. His aim now is to ensure that every upcoming musician within the Buffalo City Municipality gets a platform to showcase. Cebo is all about development, as he mentioned above. His passion for developing and giving back to the community is what makes him stand out as an artist.

Before I get carried away, I would like to thank Cebo for agreeing to be the first artist to be featured on the site. Thank you so much for your time, Cebo, and all the best !

That’s all we have for today, remember to keep pushing that hustle. Much love.