Refusing to leave with Bazukile that day was the best decision I have ever made, in my entire life. I got an opportunity to be there for my children and closely monitor their milestones. 

Three months later,

Surprisingly, Uyinkwenkwezi was the first child to reach a milestone. I thought girls always took the first place. Uyingelosi was not too slow to reach her milestones too, but Uyinkwenkwezi was just too fast. Uyinkwenkwezi was also the one with sleeping problems, while Uyingelosi turned into a real angel at night. Both their personalities seemed too loud. They were both going through the teething process, and Uyinkwenkwezi was the one with more milk teeth. I love my children, so much. It was not easy for Daddy to forgive me, but I could see that he was trying so hard, and I met him halfway. 

Mommy was the pillar that strengthened me, while Thoko was literally the driving force of my life. Those two women were the best gifts that God has ever blessed me with. Everything seemed to be going so well. I was slowly healing from all wounds that my past left me with. Bazukile and I were still in a relationship, but I still had to keep it low key. Throughout the festive season, I was with my family, and only spent minimal time with Bazukile. Both Mommy and Daddy were slowly starting to accept that I had a boyfriend, even though they didn’t openly admit it. I was happy. Content. I was even sent back to school and I loved the idea. It was not easy to get readmitted at my old school, so I figured it would be a hassle to try getting enrolling in a totally new school. I opted for college. Sis Nolly was taking care of my children so well, everything was going so well. Sibusiso and I were learning to get along again, even though it was not easy. My talks with Mommy worked wonders. She knew how to get me to talk, whenever there was a need for me to talk. We were really close at that time. 

I was starting to love myself and accept all the things I could not change in my life. I can never even attempt to explain how I found myself on that path, because just at that moment in my life, I was at my lowest point. My life was falling apart and there seemed to be nothing I could do about it. Hope rescued me from myself. Positivity held my hand and led me the way. Things between Bazukile and I were okay, we were happy, but I can’t really say things were back to normal. 

One Saturday morning, I woke up to Uyingelosi’s loud babbling and yapping. She spent the night with me, because she just wouldn’t let go of me. She wanted to rest her head on my chest. I could see that she wanted to bond with me, so I spent time with her alone and paid my full attention to her. I opened my eyes and smiled.

“Hey my angel”

I kissed her cheek and she giggled. 

“You’re up early”

I checked the time on my phone which I took from under my pillow. It was just a few minutes after 7, in the morning. My phone rang, it was Bazukile. 


“Baby, how are you?”

“I’m okay, and you?”

“I’m good. Are we still going for the photo shoot?”

“Yes, we are. Mommy said we could go”

“Great, I’ll pick you guys up whenever you’re ready”

“Okay, let me get up and start preparing”

“Sure, see you later”

We hung up. I kissed Uyingelosi’s cheek again.

“Let me get up and make breakfast for you guys”

I got out of bed and looked for my slippers.

“I will go and take you to sis Nolly’s room. I can’t leave you here alone”

She giggled louder, and I laughed as I wore my slippers. 

“Come baby”

I picked her up.

“Let’s go to Uyinkwenkwezi”

We walked out of my room, to sis Nolly’s room. I knocked once and walked in. 

“Good morning”

I greeted. 

“Morning, you guys are up early”

She greeted back, looking at us from her bed. She was still in bed with Uyinkwenkwezi. 

“We’re going out”

I explained.

“And you’re leaving Uyinkwenkwezi behind?”

“No, he’s coming with”

“Where are you going with them?”

“To a photo shoot”

“I briefly explained. 

“Can I come with? They can be a handful sometimes”

I shook my head.

“No, thank you. It’s fine”


She sounded disappointed. 

“But I’d really appreciate it if you would help me get them ready”

“No problem, just tell me what to do, and I will do it”

“Thank you so much, sis Nolly. Uhm, could you please make them breakfast? I’ll bathe them and dress them up”

“Okay, no problem”


She got up, wore her slippers and walked out.

“Sit there baby, I will prepare your bath water.

I put her on the bed, next to her brother and rushed to the bathroom to prepare bath water. I switched the heater on, to warm the room up a bit, before undressing her. She grew to love water so much, she would have so much fun in her bath tub, splashing water all over the place with her hands. She would cry her heart out when taken out of the tub. That day was no exception. She screamed her lungs out when I took her out of the tub. She scream woke her brother up. I wrapped a towel all over her body and placed her on the bed, and bathed her brother. I dressed them up with matching-color outfits. They both looked really cute, especially when learning to crawl. Sis Nolly walked in. 

“Breakfast is ready. I made breakfast for everyone”

“I was wondering what was taking you so long”

We both sat on the bed and fed the twins. When we were done with the twins, I went to take a shower and got dressed in a Pink floral summer dress, with a Black pair of sandals. My hair still had a highlight of blonde. I was looking so beautiful. My happiness was my secret glow factor. When we were ready, I called Bazukile and told him we were ready. I went to the main bedroom and knocked on their door. 

“Come in”

Daddy responded from inside. I opened the door and walked in. Mommy and Daddy were still tightly tucked in bed. 

“Uhm, I’m sorry for knocking on your door, so early in the morning. I just wanted to let you know that I am leaving, I am taking the kids out and we will be back in the afternoon”

“Will you be able to handle them both on your own, in a public place?”

I smiled.

“Yes, I’ll call a cab to drop me off in town, and call another one to drive me back home”

“Yes, take cabs. Going to the taxi rank with twins will only mess with your head”

I nodded.

“At what time will you be here?”

“At 3”

“Not a minute later”

I nodded again. 

“Call if you need help. Have fun”

Mommy said as I walked out. 

Sis Nolly helped me to carry the twins, because I had a bag and the folded pram in my hands. By the time we walked out of the house, Bazu was already approaching. He knew never to park around our premises, so he parked further from the house and we went to his car. 

He stepped out of his car and helped me buckle the kids safely at the back, and put everything else in the boot, then we drove off. 

“Baby, where is the other one?”

“She has flu, or so they say. You know, I think those people don’t want me to spend time with my daughter”

“Maybe you don’t make them trust that you can take care of her”

Why must I prove myself to anyone? She is my daughter, and I need to have a healthy relationship with her”

I nodded. 

“Yeah, you should sort it out. She can’t miss such memorable moments with you”

“With us, baby”

He gently brushed my hand. I smiled.

“With us” 

I replied.  

“I love you baby”

“I love you too”

He reached for the back seat and took a small Black bag.


He put it on my lap.

“What is this?”

“Open it”

I opened it. 

“It was a bag full of money”

I looked at him.

“What is it for?”

“This is so congratulate you, you have been a very good girl and the big guy is starting to trust you now”

I cleared my throat. Did we really have to talk about that in front of the kids?

“I haven’t been doing anything though. I just clean up after you guys have done all the work”

“Exactly, you have been cleaning up after us. That is a very important task in this field of work- cleaning up. We can’t afford any slipups or mistakes. You are doing an amazing job”

I nodded. 

“You will no longer be just a cleaner in the operation, now you will hold the big guns too”


“You will now help us find these people. You will have to go as far as befriending them, to to get them to trust you, then we attack”

“What? No way. I can’t do that”

“Yes, you can. Don’t worry, you won’t kill them yourself. Just bring them to us with your creativity and charms”

I swallowed.

“Baby, you have about four bags, full of money. You can’t hide this money at home anymore. You need to find another place, especially because you are not even using it. Tomorrow, we are taking those bags somewhere else, for safe keeping”

He looked at me.

“Baby, relax. You will be just fine. You will not kill anyone yourself. Relax baby”