Everyone was looking at Bazukile, like they were seeing a ghost. 

“How could you talk to us like that?”

Mommy asked, with a voice that carried disappointment. 

“Young man, get out of my house before I have you thrown out”

“I’m not going anywhere until I get what I want”

Bazukile opposed. 

“What you want is our child, and we are not going to give her away to some clumsy boy from the streets”

Daddy replied. Our child? After everything he said to me and about me, he still had the nerve to refer to me as their child. Literally minutes after he disowned me. 

“So I’m your child, now that it suits you?”

I asked him. They all looked at me. Pride was written all over Bazukile’s face.

“Just a few minutes ago, you told me that you wanted nothing to do with me, because I’m trouble. Now that someone is interested in rescuing me from you guys, you have a problem?”

I asked again. 

“Mandy, don’t let this boy mess with your head, please”

Mommy said.

“This has nothing to do with this boy. This has everything to do with you guys”

“Tell them baby”

Bazukile said.

“Okay fine, you can have her. Take her and see if you can make it to a year, still sane. Mandiphumle is a problem child, and taking her away will not change anything. Just please, don’t bring her back here when you have had enough”

Sibusiso said, getting up.

“Let’s not waste each other’s time. Take her, now, but my kids are not going anywhere with you”

“They are my kids too!”

“You should have thought about that, before giving your life away to this nobody”

Sibusiso replied.

“Who are you calling a nobody?”

Bazukile asked.

“I’m calling you a nobody”

Sibusiso replied. 

“Sibusiso, calm down. Don’t stoop to their level”

Sibusiso’s father said. Sibusiso sighed. 

“You’re right”

He sat back on his couch. 

“Sibusiso is right, we should not stand in their way. They both sound so passionate about this mistake that they are making, so let’s give them space to make their mistake in peace”

Sibusiso’s father added. Of course he was going to agree with whatever his son said. 

“Whatever you decide on”

Daddy said. 

“We have enough on our plates as it is, we can’t add more stress by trying to stop someone from getting married”

He added. They all agreed not to care whether I marry Bazukile or not. 

“I am not leaving my children here, with you guys”

“Oh, yes you are. No child of mine will be raised by a stranger”

“They are my children too, Sibusiso”

“I don’t care, you are not taking them anywhere”

“Who do you think you are?”

“My children’s father, that’s who I think I am”

“Look, I will not allow you to abuse my children the same way you abused me”

“You are unemployed. You are uneducated. You have a history of being a psycho. You jump from one man to the next, just to get your next meal ticket. Now you are marrying a stranger. My children will not be raised under those conditions. I am a married and stable man, and my wife will be more than happy to help me raise my children”

Everyone nodded in agreement.

“I don’t care what you say, I am taking my kids with”

I walked away and Sibusiso followed me.

“Mandiphumle, leave those children alone”

He caught up with me and grabbed my arm.

“Let go of me”

“Kids, stop it!”

Mommy yelled, rushing up to us, followed by everyone else.

“What are you doing?”

She removed Sibusiso’s hand from my arm.

“You are both parents to those kids. Keep it together, please”

“She wants to…”

Mommy cut him short.

“Ah ah!! I am not interested in knowing who did what. All I am saying, is that the kids don’t need this negative energy”

She said. 

“You can’t raise these kids like this, if you both claim to love them. Get your act together”

She added. 

“I am a better parent here. I am employed and married. I will afford to give them the best life, with stability. Mandiphumle on the other hand is totally the opposite. Why would she be selfish enough to want to drag our kids into this dysfunctional life that she’s living?”

“They are my kids too. Their happiness comes first to me too”

“No, I refuse to believe that. If that was true, you would not be worked up over this. You would know what’s best for them”

I sighed. Sibusiso was really out to get to me. 

“Okay, these kids are not going anywhere”

Daddy said. We both looked at him.


Sibusiso asked.

“They have already adapted to their daily routine and the energies in this house. Until we are sure where they will stay and the condition in which they will stay under, we can’t let them go”

He explained.

“Yes, this will affect the kids. Let’s not involve them in our battles”

Mommy agreed.

“That sounds better”

Bazukile agreed too.

“Shut up! What are you still doing here? Get out of my house!”

Daddy chased him away.

“You will wait for your wife outside, get out of my house!”

He shouted as he chased Bazukile away. 

“I’m okay with the kids staying here, as long as they are in a stable home”

Sibusiso said. 

“Mandiphumle, I don’t ever want to see that boy in my house again. Okay? If you ever bring him here again, I will ban you from visiting the twins”

Daddy warned. 

“I’m sorry about that, but I didn’t ask him to come here”

I replied.

“You could have just apologized and left things there, but because you are being your usual self, you are walking an extra mile”

Sibusiso said.

“What’s your problem?”

I asked, looking at him.

“You are my problem. You just don’t think!”

“Fine, I can see you’ve all had enough. I will leave you all in peace”

I walked away, leaving them all standing there. I didn’t care what life had in store for me, but I just was done with those people.