Still, I maintained my calm and pretended he didn’t say anything. My heart was torn apart, but making it known to him was the last thing on my mind. I didn’t want to give him the satisfaction of seeing me fall apart. No. I couldn’t. Bazukile ran back out, wearing a pair of shorts and a T-shirt. 

“Ready? Let’s get going”

He grabbed my bum and squeezed it a bit. I closed my eyes tightly, feeling all sorts of disgusted. Malusi went over to the  driver’s side and got in. 

“Baby, I want you to relax. Okay? The worst is over. Now, we will only drop off these parts, and bury the remains”

That guy. Like, did he just tell me that the worst was over? It was only the beginning, and he knew it too. He just didn’t have the guts to be honest with me, again. For the millionth time, he was being dishonest with me. I ignored him and got into the car. 
“Guys, we don’t have the whole day”
Malusi complained as Bazukile stepped into the car too. 
“You guys are taking forever, and you know we don’t have enough time”
“Arg! Shut up and drive, Malusi!!”
Bazukile roared. Malusi started the car and drove off. 
“Uhm, Bazukile, I think we should let Mandy go”
The way Bazukile turned to look at him gave it all away- Bazukile was the one who strongly believed that I would sell them out. He was the one who didn’t trust me, not Malusi. Malusi saw how broken I was, and somehow wanted me to be in a space that would help me cope. He was considerate, as evil as he was, unlike Bazukile who was pretending to care while he was the one who was causing me all the pain. 
“What are you talking about?”
Bazukile asked, with a tone that suggested that he shuts up. 
“I mean, she has been through a lot, and it would make sense to let her go and be with the people she loves”
Malusi explained. 
“Malusi, I said shut up and drive. Which part of that didn’t you understand?”
Bazukile freaked out and my suspicions were confirmed. He didn’t trust me. 

“Think about it. Why would she sell us out if she is a member of the movement? She is not that stupid man. She knows how this whole thing would affect her if this secret gets out”
Malusi explained, trying to save me from the hands of a man who claimed to love me. 
“There is a lot at stake here. We can’t take that risk. At least not yet”
Wow. I sighed. His words cut deeper than his actions. 
“Bazukile, don’t be stubborn. Mandiphumle needs her family. Why do you want to cage her after dragging her into a world she doesn’t deserve to live in? How do you expect her to heal if she keeps seeing your face every direction she looks at, after everything you have put her through?”
A tear escaped my eye. Malusi was voicing my sorrow out. 
“She needs to stay here, just until she heals from this”
“Heal? How will she heal if she never gets the chance to heal?”
I sniffed, and they both turned to look at me. Tears were streaming down my cheeks. I was looking out the window, but they could see that I was crying. 
“See what you have done? Damn you, Malusi”
“This is all your fault. You stopped me from killing her, for what? For you to kill her slowly like this?”
Bazukile slapped him across the face and the car swerved on the road and the other cars hooted loudly.
“Fu*k!! What the hell are you doing? Are you trying to get us killed?”
Malusi freaked out, screaming at the top of his voice with a voice that carried so much shock. I was still looking out the window, with no worry in the world. Malusi pulled over to the side. 
“Bazukile, are you out of your mind? What are you trying to achieve from this?”
“Shut up and drive, Malusi. Just shut up and drive”
“No, I will not shut up and drive Bazukile. I will not shut up and drive! What you are doing here is wrong. Let the poor child go. Yes, you won’t break up with her, you can’t, but at least let her go home.”
“Malusi, why are you doing this? You are the one who has been emotionally abusing my woman, in my presence. I have been protecting her from you, since this whole thing started. Mandiphumle knows and understands that she can’t go home now, until she gets her emotions settled. Now why are you making a big deal out of this? Why are you trying to get between me and my woman? You want her now? Huh? You want her?”
Malusi laughed in disbelief. 
“Okay, fine. Do whatever you want to do with her, but don’t keep her in your house. Memories of this morning will haunt her”
“Malusi, Mandiphumle is my woman. Stay out of our business. Mandiphumle is fine. Okay? She is okay, dammit!”
“How do you know that? Have you asked her?”
“Okay, that’s it. I am getting the hell out of here”
Bazukile opened the door and jumped out of the car. Malusi got out of the car too and ran after him. I watched Malusi as he ran after the fuming Bazukile. He got to him and practically stopped him from walking away from him while he needed to talk to him. They argued for a while, to a point of them pushing and shoving each other. Malusi pushed harder and Bazukile fell down. Malusi knelt down and rested his knee on Bazukile’s chest. He then pointed at him and said something. After a few seconds, Malusi got up, and helped Bazukile up too. They brushed themselves off and walked back into the car. 
They got into the car and we drove off. Silence filled the car until we got to a certain house. Malusi made a short call, and the gate slid open. He drove in and safely parked the car. They both stepped out of the car, and I stepped out too. Bazukile held my hand as we walked in. The guy who came to open for us stared at me, looking at me from head to toe.
“This is Mandy. My girlfriend. She is joining the movement”
There. Bazukile practically gave my soul away. He didn’t even sell my soul, he gave it away from free. I needed my soul back, because I felt empty without it. 
“Is she trustworthy?”
The guy asked, running his eyes from my head, down to my toes.
“She is my woman, of course she is trustworthy”
The guy opened for us and invited us in. He took the bag from Malusi, and walked into one of the rooms, while we walked down the passage. We got to the living room, and we found a big , extremely dark skinned man, dressed in a Black fur coat, holding something that looked like a crocodile. I didn’t look at it long enough to figure it out. He took off his sunglasses as we walked in. 
“Who is this?”
He pointed at me, with a hand full of rings, one in each finger. 
“She is my girlfriend. Her name is Mandiphumle”
Bazukile replied.
“What is your girlfriend doing in my house?”
“Uhm, Sir.. Mandiphumle is joining the movement”
My spokesperson replied on my behalf. The man looked at me.
“Are you sure you want to join the movement?”
“Yes, she is sure, Sir. She is very sure about it”
The man looked straight into my eyes.
“Little girl, this is no playground. Get the hell out of my face, before I blow your stupid brains off”
“Sir, please. She is sure about this. She is joining the movement. Please give her an opportunity to prove herself to you”
The man threw my soul right back at my face, for me to walk away with my soul intact, but Bazukile practically begged him to take it. He begged him to sign me into a world that would finish me off. My man, begging for me to be destroyed. The man stared at me again. 
“Okay. Fine. Have you ever killed before?”
“Yes, she has. She even helped us rip the heart out”
Bazukile proudly replied, looking at me with a wide smile. I fixed my eyes on the scary man in front of me. 
“Good. Bring her back tomorrow. I first have to work on her, before she joins the movement”
“Thank you, Sir. You don’t know how much that means to us”
The whole time, Malusi and I were awkwardly standing behind Bazukile as he advertised my soul. 
“You two, sit down”
Said the man, pointing at Bazukile and Malusi.
“You, go and wait in the car. You are not ready to be even looking at me”
Without a word, I turned and walked out. I got to the car and waited. My heart was pounding harder. I was scared. There were human remains in the boot. How could I sit comfortably as if there were just clothes at the back? Since when did a human body lose its value up to that point? Still, I held it together. I didn’t want to cry, ever. I wanted to remain strong. After about an hour, they walked out of the house, carrying the same bag they were carrying when we walked in. Bazukile placed the bag in the boot and we drove off, Bazukile was driving. We got to an old farm, in some forsaken area. 
“Mandy, now we are doing the last task of the day. We are going to bury the remains and put an end to this chapter”
To him, that was just a chapter. We all stepped out of the car.. 
“Mandy, you will dig the hole, with Bazukile and I. Then, you will throw the remains into this hole. I want to have everything filmed”
I nodded. He dug into the boot and took out tools. He handed me the spade. 
“Here. Enjoy”