“Malusi, are you out of your mind? Can’t you see the damage you’re doing to this child?”

“Oh, now she’s a child?”

They started exchanging words, and I was still waiting for the loud bang that would tear my head into pieces. 

“Get up! Get up!!”

Malusi grabbed me and pulled me up. Bazukile pushed him and he fell off, with the gun falling a little further away from him. 

“What are you doing, Bazukile? Are you choosing a woman over me? Huh? Are you choosing a woman over your own freedom?”

“I told you, I will handle my woman. I don’t appreciate you freaking her out like this. I love her, and yes, I will choose her over this misery you want to put her through. She has new born babies, she needs them as much as they need her. As her man, I will protect her from you”

Pss, please. His protection meant nothing to me, because he still wanted to hold me hostage in his house. 

“Okay fine, what do you suggest we should do to her?”

“Nothing, we will just keep her here until her shock dies down”

Malusi laughed.

“You are more stupid than I had imagined. What happened to you? You used to be heartless. This child has turned you into a softie and I hate the man you are becoming”

“I don’t care what you think about me. You will not kill my woman in my presence, ever. If you do that, I will kill you too”

Malusi got up.

“Okay, we don’t have to fight over this. I have a suggestion to make”

He used his hand to brush his shirt.

“Since Mandy vows that she will not tell anyone about this, and we can’t exactly trust her, I suggest that she joins the movement”

My eyes shot open.

“Yes, that’s how we also joined the movement, remember. She should join too and help us deliver that body to its rightful owner”

I looked at Bazukile.

“Baby, I think Malusi is right”

He softly said. He thinks Malusi is right, he thinks Malusi is right for dragging me into that evil “movement”. 

“That way, you will also be involved in this and you can’t call the cops on yourself”

He explained further. 

“Can I have a word with you in private?”

I asked. Malusi rolled his eyes. 

“We have a body to attend to. Private chats will only be a waste of time”

He walked away, giving us some space. Bazukile held both my hands.

“Baby, trust me, this is the best option ever. Think about it, you will be safe and you will be rich”

“I don’t want to be rich. I just want to walk away and never look back”

“But you can’t. Let’s not discuss that right now because it is not going to happen. Join us, and everything will be okay. You will be safe”

He wiped my tears with both his hands.

“I’m sorry you had to go through this, but you have to be strong. I will be here, next to you every step of the way”

“Bazukile, how did Esona escape this? She was there when it all started, but she is not a part of this now”

“We didn’t know that guy, so there was no way she could call the cops on him. That’s why it was easy for him to let Esona and his girlfriend go”

“But you were also not in danger. He gave you money to shut you up, but you still chose to get involved”

“Mandy, can we discuss the matter at hand? Please. We are here now, and your only option is to join us and work with us or you will be killed. I can protect you from Malusi, but how can I stop him from telling all the other members? How do I protect you from hungry men who have never even met you to feel pity for you?”

I sniffed. 

“Don’t worry, its not as bad as it sounds. I promise”

He held my hand and led me up the stairs, to his room. My whole body was numb. Malusi was already there, standing next to the corpse. I could not even look at it.

“Ah, the princess has agreed to do the right thing” 

He smiled at me and I looked away. 

“Malusi, shut up and do your job. I will talk to Mandy when there is a need”

Malusi laughed. 

“Whatever. So Mandy, please take this knife. I want you to rip her body apart and take out her heart. I will bring a container, for you to put it in”

“Malusi please don’t make me do this”

I begged.

“Stop wasting our time Mandy and do it”

He sounded annoyed. I looked at Bazukile and he nodded. 

“Do it baby”

Baby? He disgusted me. I took the knife and held it with both hands. 

“Just take out the heart, Bazu and I will take out the other organs”

I had no other option but to stab that woman and bury my hands deep into her chest in search for her heart. My fingers were bumping into things that felt like bones and other soft things like internal organs. I didn’t know what my fingers were touching as I was searching for the heart, but I was so nauseous. I died that day. I could feel my soul turning its back on me, and I could hear the footsteps of my humanity, walking away from me.