Two weeks later. I was drained, in the true sense of the word. My whole body ached, like it had been run over by a bus. I was forever sleepy and exhausted. I had even lost so much weight, because I was literally dedicating all my life to my children. They were growing up so well- they were healthy and bouncy. Sibusiso was banned from the house, so Mommy would take me to his father’s house whenever he needed to see the kids. She was very involved in my relationship with Sibusiso. She even knew about the money he gave me to buy stuff for the kids, and she even helped me buy some stuff. She was the mother I missed in my life. My relationship with Bazukile took so much strain. He was supportive and everything, but what killed him was the fact that we never spent time together. I couldn’t even go out and take a break from my children. I wouldn’t have been surprised if he would quit and walk away from everything, but he still stayed. He called more than four times a day and texted inbetween. It only felt right to meet him halfway and put in effort to keep the communication line open. Phila on the other hand visited me regularly. She came to the house every other day, and both Mommy and Daddy had no problem with her. 

It was on a Saturday, Mommy walked into my room, just as I was making my bed. I had the twins playing on the space bed on the floor that Sibusiso bought for them. 

“Good morning”

She greeted. I looked at her as she walked up to the kids.

“Good morning, Mommy”

“It is a very beautiful day. Wouldn’t you love to go out?”

I smiled in disbelief.

“Are you for real?”

She smiled too, nodding.

“Yes, I am for real. You want to go out?”

I nodded without any hesitation.

“Yes, I would love to go out”

“You can go out. I will look after the kids. You really deserve a break”

I finished making the bed and neatly placed my continental pillows on my bed. 

“Where will you go?”

She asked as I literally flew to the bathroom to take a shower. I stopped on my tracks. 

“Uhm I will visit friends, Phila and the others”

“Okay, please help me take the babies to my room, I will be working from there”


I picked Uyingelosi up and followed Mommy out as she carried Uyinkwenkwezi to her room. We placed them on the bed and I rushed out to my room. I took a quick shower and got dressed in a pair of denim shorts and a vest, and a pair of sneakers. I looked really comfortable and beautiful at the same time. I took my phone from my bed and called Bazukile. 


He picked up.

“Baby, what are you doing?”

He moaned.

“I’m still in bed.  I had a very hectic night last night”

I laughed.

“Oh, okay. So you’re going to spend the whole day indoors?”

He moaned again..

“Yes, baby. I am planning to spend the whole day indoors”

Perfect. My surprise was going to work out well. I wanted him to have that priceless look on his face. It had been a while since we spent quality time together, so he was only going to be excited, as excited as I was. We hung up and I bounced to the kitchen and made myself a bowl of cereal. When I was done eating, I went to Mommy’s room, to tell her that I was leaving. She was playing with Uyinkwenkwezi. My son was not really a fan of sleep, unlike his sister who was still sleeping. 

“Mommy, I’m leaving”

“Okay, don’t be home late”

I nodded.

“Please pass me my handbag”

She asked, and I handed her handbag over to her. She took out R500 and gave it to me.

“Here, spoil yourself”

“Thank you”

I planted a light kiss on her cheek and rushed off. I took a taxi to town. I could not wait to get to my man’s place. I knew he was suffering from a mother of all hangovers, and needed something greasy and fat to heal him, so I bought a whole lot of junk food, for us to enjoy under his warm blankets. When I was done, I took a cab to his place. When I got there, his car was parked on the driveway, along with two other cars. As I got off the cab, the other car was driving out. I ran up to the gate, and the car stopped. It was Malusi, one of Bazukile’s friends. We only met once, when I came to his house party, but we never really got to talk. 

“Mandy, hey”

He greeted as he rolled his window down.


“Uhm, what are you doing here?”

He asked. I laughed.

“I know its not everyday that you see me here, but I am here to see my man”

“Oh, okay.Uhm, he is still sleeping. He is not really feeling well”

“I know, he told me about the hangover”

“Why don’t you come back some other time? I mean, he is really sick and would make lousy company”

I laughed.

“Relax, I have seen him sick with hangover before. It was nice seeing you. Let me go in”

I rushed in and he stepped out of his car. 

“Mandy, wait up”

He called out. I stopped on my tracks and turned to look at him. 

“You can’t go in”


He cleared his throat.

“I mean, please give him space to rest. He made it clear that he needs to sleep”

“Malusi, what is going on? Why are you stopping me from going in?”

“I’m not stopping you, Mandy. Please don’t get me wrong”

He was a nervous wreck. He was fiddling with his fingers and his voice was shaky.

“Then what? What is it?”

“Mandy, I can’t let you go in there. Please don’t be stubborn”

“Why not? I am here to see Bazukile, why can’t I go in?”

He swallowed nervously. Arg. I turned and walked away. I needed to see what was going on in there. There was nothing he could say that would stop me from going in. He shouted behind me as I walked towards the door.

“Mandy, please wait! I will tell you why you can’t go in!”

It was a little too late. I needed to see what he was hiding…