Chapter 82

A tear escaped my eye.

“Baby, that’s so sweet. I appreciate the love. I just think that we should just focus on the matter at hand, and then think about this with clear heads, after this”

He nodded.

“I understand. I just felt the need to tell you that. I am not here just for the fun of it. I am here because I want to be here. I am here because I belong here”

I wiped my tears with the back of my hand, and sniffed. 

“I don’t know what to say”

I was also getting emotional. Phila and Esona walked back in. Bazukile cleared his throat, as I wiped my tears faster.

“Hey, are you crying?”

I shook my head, giggling.

‘What? No, man”

I cleared my throat. 

“What’s going on here? You guys seem a little edgy”

Esona asked. 

“We were kinda in the middle of something”

Bazukile replied.

“Oh, I’m so sorry. We didn’t know. We can go and stand outside or wait in the car”

Esona suggested.

“No, you can stay. Bazu and I will continue some other time”

I replied. Esona threw herself on the chair. 

“So, what were you guys talking about?”

Esona asked and Bazukile dismissed her. We talked about general stuff, until they had to go. The following morning, after the morning routine, the doctor discharged us. I was over the moon. I took my phone and called Mommy. 


She picked up.

“Mommy, we’re discharged”

I excitedly announced. 

“Oh, that’s wonderful news. Oh my God, I’m on my way to pick you up”

She sounded so excited. I packed everything and went to fetch the kids. The baby that I first touched was Uyinkwenkwezi. I picked him up and kissed him on the cheek. 

“Hello, mama’s boy. You are so handsome. I am pleased to meet you”

I planted another kiss on his cheek and put him down. I then picked Uyingelosi up and kissed her too.

“Mommy’s princess. I am so pleased to finally meet you. God has sent me a best friend”

I kissed her again on the cheek and she yawned. She was so cute as I held the sides of her mouth. 

“I’ll help you carry the other one”

The student nurse around offered. 

“Thank you”

I said, as she picked Uyinkwenkwezi up. As we were walking out, the other nurse asked me to wait there, because the babies were vulnerable and visiting my ward would expose them to microbes. We went to wait for Mommy over the tiwns’ cot bed. I pulled a chair and sat there, waiting.I sent her an SMS, telling her where I was waiting. . Shortly, she rushed in.

“Oh! Thank you Lord!”

She said as she rushed up to the twins, who were both fast asleep. She planted kisses on both their cheeks. 

“They are so beautiful. Look what I found them”

She reached for her bag and took out two blankies, Pink and Blue. I smiled. 

“They are so beautiful, thank you so much”

I spoke from the heart. 

“Don’t mention it. So, Thoko and I went shopping for you”

She excitedly announced as she picked Uyingelosi up, and I picked Uyinkwenkwezi up. We walked out to the car. 

“Really? What did you buy?”

“Everything that we think you need”

She clicked her car unlocked and opened the back seat. There was a baby car seat.

“You will hold Uyinkwenkwezi, and Uyingelosi will be buckled up on the seat”

She instructed as she buckled Uyingelosi up.

She then held Uyinkwenkwezi, so I could get into the car and sit comfortably. When I was all settled, I took my son and Mommy drove off. 

“How are you feeling?”

She looked at me through the rear view mirror.

“I am okay, the walking exercise is helping me out, a lot”

I replied. 

“Mhmm. You will heal nicely. I am so proud of you. I find you brave”

I smiled.

‘Thank you, Mommy”

I cleared my throat.

“Mommy can I ask you something?”

“Yes, go ahead”

She replied. 

I cleared my throat again.

“Uhm, how do you know when someone is the one?”

I asked. She removed her eyes from the rear view mirror she was using to look at me. 

“Why are you asking?”

The sound of her voice made me think that she was holding something back. 

“I’m just curious. I mean, people get married everyday and I just can’t help but wonder how they knew that they were marrying the right people”

I explained.

“You will know when you have met the one. You won’t be able to explain or describe it”

“Oh, okay. Do you base your decision on how well you know them?”

“Each person has her own reason, I can only answer for myself”

I decided to let her be. She was clearly not willing to entertain the subject. We got home and she carried Uyingelosi again as we walked into the house. She walked in, and I followed. 

People from the inside shouted in unison. I looked around, almost the whole family was there. Including Desmond and his family. 

“Wow, guys. I .. Wow guys!” 

I mumbled. 

“Welcome home, with our beautiful twins”

Thoko shouted while everybody else gathered around Mommy and I, looking at the babies. Everyone seemed happy, and that soothed my heart. Sibusiso came and took Uyinkwenkwezi from me, and went around, proudly showing him off to everyone. Mommy on the other hand was so attached to Uyingelosi, that she didn’t want people to hold her. I went to sit on the couch, I felt tired from standing. 

“Hey, do you have a minute?”

Sibusiso asked, standing in front of me. I nodded.

“Yeah, sure”

I replied.

“Are you okay?”

He sat next to me.

“I’m fine, I’m just tired, that’s all”

He nodded.

“Listen, I wanted us to talk about… uhm, I know we’ve had this conversation before, but I feel like we need to have it again”

He said, and I nodded.

“I don’t mind you, having a man in your life. You are young and beautiful. All I want to ask is for you to keep your men away from my children. I don’t want you to confuse them. We all know you have a very colorful past”

I slapped him across the face. Tips&Reviews