“Blood? Are my babies okay? Are my children fine?”

“Ma’am, get her on the bed”

The nurse started paying attention. Mommy helped me to walk over to the bed. I climbed on top of it, still groaning in pain. I was even mumbling and rumbling, because the pain was just too much to bear. 

“Nurse, please help me”

I begged, losing my breath. She walked up to me and looked at me while I was tossing and turning in agony. I don’t know what she injected me with, but I passed out almost immediately. The next thing I knew, I was on a hospital bed, and Mommy was resting her head on my bed- sleeping. I touched my tummy, it was still big and everything seemed fine. 


I softly called out. She opened her eyes and looked at me. 

“Honey, you’re awake”

She held my hand.

“I fell asleep there for a second”

She giggled. I cleared my throat. 

“Am I okay? Are my babies okay?”

It must have taken every bit of strength within her to maintain that smile. 

“Mommy, please answer me”

I remained calm. 

“The babies are okay. The doctors had to perform an emergency C-section, because the life of the other twin was threatened. 

“When was that?”

“Last night”

“Is he okay now?”

Before she replied, a doctor walked in and came to stand next to my bed. My bed was the first bed in the ward, so it took a few seconds to get to my bed from the door. Mommy and I both looked at the doctor as she made her way to my bed.

“Is everything okay?”

I asked. 

“Everything is fine. They are strong fighters. The fact that they were carried to full term played a major role in their survival. The expected date of delivery is only a couple of days from today, so they are not in danger of prematurity on top of everything else.”

The doctor proudly replied. 

“The boy child was in danger, due to your constant high blood pressure. If you had not arrived when you did, we would be having a different case here”

I looked down.

“And the other twin is okay?”

Mommy asked.

“Yes, she was mildly affected, nothing major”

I looked at her.

“Can I see them?”

She smiled.

“Of course. Follow me”

I slowly got out of bed. My body was feeling numb. 

“I will wait here”

Mommy said, as I wore my slippers. Mommy was still wearing the same clothes, meaning that she hadn’t been home since we got to the hospital. Clearly, Daddy and the kids came to visit and brought me my slippers. The doctor walked out and I followed her. 

“We have decided to keep them under oxygen supply, because the boy at some point suffered from suffocation. It is to only help them regain and maintain a normal breathing pattern”

She explained, and I nodded. We got to the nursery, where they were kept with many other babies. 

“There they are”

She pointed at the two cots. I swallowed nervously. I was about to see my children for the first time. I was nervous and excited at the same time. I was a mother, to two children. As I walked towards their cot beds, tears slowly escaped my eyes. I wished my mother was around to share that moment with me. I wished she was there to show me the way. I stood next to their cot beds and looked at them as they were peacefully sleeping, with the oxygen masks that served as their breathing system. They were so innocent. So peaceful. 

“Aren’t they cute?”

The nurse asked, standing next to me. I looked at her, with tears clouding my view. 

“Aren’t they?”

I giggled in disbelief. I looked back at them. 

“Can I hold them?”

“Unfortunately, no. Let’s give them a few hours, before making physical contact with them.


Her smile faded away. 

“Give them time to settle down. They have been through a challenging situation. They need time”

She explained. I nodded.

“Yes, I understand”

“Well, let me leave you to bond with them. In the meantime, please give me their names so I can record them”

My mouth hung open and nothing came out. 


She softly called asked. 


I looked at her. 

“The boy is Uyinkwenkwezi and the girl is Uyingelosi”

I replied, without thinking. She smiled fondly.

“Aww, such beautiful names”

My eyes popped out. Like, where did those names come from? Free Tips&Reviews