The day before.

It was a very hot summer day. The sun came out to play, so early in the morning. I woke up to the sharp rays of the sun, creeping into my room through small spaces in the curtains. I opened my eyes and tried sitting up. It was so hot, and I was heavily pregnant. I struggled to get out of bed and wore my slippers. I was always indoors, either eating or sleeping. Mommy hated my lifestyle, and she forced me to live a healthy lifestyle (or so she thought she forced me). Every morning before she leaves the house for work, she would prepare porridge for me and leave it in the oven. She bought fruit for me, bought me vegetables to snack on. She even drew a workout schedule for me and pinned it on the fridge door. Reality of the matter was that, I was cheating. I ate the porridge that she prepared for me each morning, but I had Phila to bring me junk almost everyday, and I’d hide it in my room and eat it whenever I had time. For my walks, I went to Bazukile’s house for a quickie, everyday. It was almost like a routine, the way I had it all figured out. I’d sleep throughout the day, and wake up when it was time for their return and get myself all freshened up. Cheating felt so good, because I was happy and Mommy was happy too, thinking that her plan was working. 

I got out of bed and went to invade the kitchen. After the usual porridge, I ate everything I could get my hands on, while I was waiting for Phila to show her face with my junk food. Finally, she called and told me she was waiting outside. I dragged myself out to open for her. She looked really skinny, like she was on hunger strike. I greeted and she greeted back. We walked towards the house. 

“Did you bring my chocolate mousse?”

She laughed.

“Of course, how can I forget it? You have been reminding me since last night”

She placed the shopping bag on the coffee table.

“Are you home alone?”

She asked as she sat on the couch.

“Yes, I’m home alone”

I sat on the couch too, opposite her. 

“Mmhm. Here. Eat your food”

She pointed at the shopping bag.

“Thanks, my friend”

I grabbed the shopping bag and indulged.

“Bazu wanted to buy you ice cream. He said its hot and the little ones need something cold”

I laughed.

“He’s so stupid, that one”

She laughed too.

“Dude, they are all so stupid. Esona was saying that you should drink a cold beer, to cool the twins off”

We laughed some more.

“The twins are cool. Tell them I said that”

She nodded when I said that.

“I definitely will. Hey, Thando called me this morning. He is flying back into the country this afternoon”

I smiled politely.

“Seriously? Its about time hey. He’s been gone for far too long”

“Imagine, and he left his wife behind to deal with their son’s death. Thando is so selfish”

I looked at her.

“No, Thando is not being selfish here. He needs to do what he needs to do in order to heal. If it means that he would have to bury his face under his workload, then so be it. There is no way that he could have done anything to take his wife’s pain away. That woman doesn’t even let him in”

I stood up for him. It is tiring to hear people who complain about how other people mourn. We heal differently from different ordeals. I refused to understand how someone else would determine how I should feel when I am hurting. 

“But my friend, going to Paris was a selfish move, because he got to explore the world and get his mind off things. His wife on the other hand is still stuck on their son’s death”

Phila’s argument was freaking me out because it came from a clueless person. 

“Anyway, I would love to see him when he is back. I will never forgive myself for not attending his son’s funeral”

She held my hand and brushed it.

“Hang in there, my friend. Thando understands that you could not make it to the funeral. He is not even mad at you for it. If anything, he is happy that you are doing so well for yourself” 

I smiled. 

“If it wasn’t for that stupid ceremony, I would have created lies and went to that funeral”

She laughed.

“Knowing you, you would really go to that funeral. And hey, that ceremony was not stupid. It helped you reconnect with your ancestors”

I rolled my eyes.

“I don’t even know who I believe in anymore”

Her smiled was wiped off by my words.

“What do you mean?”

I shrugged my shoulders.

“I am supposed to be a Christian in this house, and my family made me perform a traditional ceremony. I feel like I don’t know who I am anymore”

“Oh, my friend. Don’t let it get to you. Eventually, you will know which religion to follow. Give it time”

I nodded. After our junk food session, Phila had to leave. I got up and went back to bed. My phone rang, as I dragged my feet to my room. 


I picked up.

“Pumpkin, did you get your food?”

Bazukile asked. I smiled to myself.

“Yes, thank you so much Baby. I enjoyed my food”

“Good, that’s what I wanted to hear. Am I seeing you today?”

“Yes, I want to see you later”

“Okay, I will see you later. Bye”


We hung up. Bazukile was practically my rock. He was the pillar that strengthened my entire existence. Instead of getting into bed, I took a shower and got dressed in a pair of leggings and a very stylish traditional top that Mommy made for me, to wear on sunny days. I usually go for a walk in the afternoon, so I did just that, and the coast was clear because nobody was home. Bazukile parked his car a couple of blocks away from my house. I jumped into the car and he drove off.

“I always feel like I’m in a movie when I come to pick you up or drop you off”

I laughed.


“The action that comes with picking you up and dropping you off is just out of this world. Everything looks rehearsed. You just jump into the car and I drive off immediately, or I drop you off and you walk away as fast as you can while I speed off”

We both laughed.

“It comes naturally”

We got to his place. As I stepped out of the car, I felt a sharp pain on the left side of my tummy. 


I screamed.

“Are you okay?”

Bazukile rushed up to me. The pain went away as he held me and helped me to walk towards the house.

“I felt a sharp pain on the left side of my tummy”

I explained.

“Is that normal?”

I shook my head.

“Do you need to go and see your doctor?”

I shook my head.

“No, I’ll be fine”

We got into the house and he offered me a seat. I wasn’t feeling the pain anymore, but I was still shocked from its sharpness. We could not do anything naughty, because my tummy felt like it was swollen. Bazukile was so considerate. He helped me relax and elevate my legs and used a damp warm cloth to rub my feet. I closed my eyes and faced the ceiling. He then brought me a glass of water. He was so caring, so understanding like I was carrying his children. He was not perfect, he had his faults and flaws, but he loved me in a very perfect way. ReadHere: 9 Invensions You Never Knew You Needed.