Mommy gave me a stare, trying to get me to calm down. I looked away, breaking the eye contact. 

“Who do you think you are? My husband is a good father. Ask his kids, and they’ll tell you”

Desmond cleared his throat.

“I think Mandy is right”

“Right? She’s right by insulting you? She’s right by disrespecting you?”

His wife almost freaked out. 

“To her, I was not a good father. I was never there for her. Its unfair to send her to ask my other children about the kind of father that I am. They know a different man than the man that Mandy knows”

For once, Desmond said something that made sense to me. For once, he spoke like he understood where I was coming from. 

“Mandiphumle, I know you and I have a long way to go. All I’m asking for, is for you to give me a chance to show you how sorry I am, and how much I want you and I to have and to build a relationship”

I rolled my eyes.

“Mommy, can I be excused?”

“But we have guests”

Daddy replied.

“I don’t have guests”

“Uhm, I don’t think we should force her to stay if she doesn’t want to”

Mommy softly said. 

“Yes, she can go if she feels like going”

Thank goodness. I got up and walked away. Desmond brought out the worst in me. I got to my room and sat on my bed. While I was still trying to process the rudeness that I received from Desmond’s wife, my phone rang, it was Phila. 


I picked up. 

“My friend, how are you?”

I sighed. Phila visited me in hospital everyday, she knew I was physically fine, and I didn’t want to bother her with my little problems.

“I’m okay, thanks. How are you?”

“I’m good. Will you attend the funeral?”

“Yes, I will. And you?”

“Yes, I will. Bazukile and Esona also want to tag along”

She reported. 

“Okay, no problem. Bazukile had already mentioned that to me”

“Okay, cool”

“So, how are things?”

I decided to direct the conversation, because I had issues that I didn’t feel like talking about- like Desmond. 

“Things are okay. Vuyani is a bit distant since I came back. He is not his usual self and I don’t want to ask him to talk about it. I don’t want to open a can of worms”

I laughed.

“But for how long will you guys survive in that setting?”

“I don’t know. I’m okay, he is the one who has a problem, so he has to deal with it, on his own”

I laughed some more.

“Wow. You are something else”

She laughed too.

“Esona and I on the other hand are so happy. She is inviting me to a party this coming Saturday”

She sounded so excited, so I didn’t want to burst her bubble by asking why she was so set on turning into a party animal. After our lengthy conversation, we hung up and I lied on my bed. Later, someone came to knock on my door. 

“Come in”

I shouted. My door swung open and both Mommy and Daddy walked in. I sat up as they walked in. 

“Mandy, we need to talk”
Daddy said, as they came to sit on my bed. 

“Honey, we want to talk to you about your behavior earlier”

Mommy added. I nodded, waiting for them to get into it already.

“You were rude earlier to your father. Don’t get us wrong, we know and understand your anger and frustration. All we want is to correct is your way of expressing your anger towards him”

Daddy explained.

“I told him that I wanted nothing to do with him. I don’t get why he keeps coming back”

I replied, highly defensive and trying to get them to understand that I was the victim in that situation. 

“We know, but that doesn’t change the fact that you were rude, and you didn’t have to be rude like that”

Daddy replied too. 

“Honey, you have to respect your elders. We would be destroying you if we would sit around and watch you disrespect people like this. No matter what a person has done to you, have a better way of expressing your feelings”

Mommy added. So I was the bad guy in their eyes. 

“I’m sorry if I was that disrespectful, he just brings the worst out of me”

I apologized, to get them off my case. They accepted my apology and got up from my bed. Mommy announced that dinner was ready, so we all went to the dining room for dinner. Both Trevor and Thoko were setting the table. I greeted and they greeted back. 

“Mommy tells us that you are now one of her employees”

Thoko said as we all sat down. 

“Yes, Mommy offered me a job. Can you believe it? I was going to be bored to death in this house”

I excitedly replied.

“Did you enjoy your first day at work?”

Trevor asked. 

“Kids, can we say the grace before chatting?”

Daddy suggested. We all laughed at how we got carried away. 

“Sorry Daddy, I got carried away”

Thoko apologized and said the grace. We then ate. After dinner, Thoko cleared the table and I helped her. Trevor had to study, so Thoko and I did the dishes. 

“So, how was your first day at work?”

I smiled.

“It was awesome. Mommy is willing to teach me how to design clothing too”

I excitedly announced.

“Mandy, this is me you’re talking to, not Mommy. You can be honest with me”

My smile faded away.

“I mean it, I enjoyed my day at work”

She smiled politely.

“Mmhm. I will wait for you to be ready to tell me the truth, that you hate every minute of your stay at that store. That place is horrible. Mommy plays gospel music the whole day, and spends the whole day in that little work station of hers. What could possibly be awesome about walking around a packed store, shouting out prices for each and every item a potential customer asks about?”

If Thoko knew what kind of a mother she had, she would treasure her each minute of everyday. It was so unfortunate that we were in different stages in our lives. She was in a stage where she was convinced that the life she was living was never going to change and that her parents would always be around- which made her take everything for granted, while I, on the other hand was at a point in my life where I was grateful and appreciative of anything and anyone who was promising to mend cracks that were left by the scars that life embroidered in my heart. CickToRead:Reasons Why Women Cheat