My heart sank. I wished I could disappear into thin air..

“Well, you know what they say about one man’s trash being another man’s treasure. Right?”

Bazukile stood up for me. I almost couldn’t believe my ears.

“Don’t say you haven’t been warned”

He then turned to look at me..

“You, do the right thing or you will be sorry”

He then walked away, leaving me and Bazukile standing there. I sighed.

“Are you okay?”

He gently placed his hand on my shoulder.

“I’m fine. I just can’t believe he said all that”

I replied, in almost a whisper.

“Don’t worry about it. He is just bitter and he is set on destroying you”

“That’s the scariest part. I don’t know if I’m ready for it or not”

“Don’t worry. This guy won’t hurt you, or the twins. Relax and let him make a fool of himself like this”

He gently pulled me closer for a hug..

“Thank you”

I broke the hug..

“Uhm, let me go and call Phila for you”

“Cool, I’ll wait in the car”

I walked away.. When I got into the house, Phila was in the kitchen, eating..


“Oh hey, you’re back”

I went to stand by the kitchen counter.

“You look exhausted”

I can’t even begin to imagine the look on my face when she said that.

“Well, Sibusiso was here. That should tell you something”

I looked at her..

“What did he want?”

“He wants me to continue with the cleansing ceremony, which won’t happen”

She rolled her eyes..

“He should just get over it already. I mean, fighting over it won’t change anything”

She placed the bowl into the sink..

“Exactly my point. He went as far as hanging my dirty laundry in Bazukile’s face, telling him that I’m bad news and that I’ll suck him dry”

Phila’s eyes widened..

“Oh my goodness, what did Bazukile say?”

“He stood up for me, but I think he was shocked to hear all those things from someone who knows me”

“You think he will believe him?”

She walked to my room and I followed her.

“I don’t know. You’ll never know how men think. He acted like he didn’t care though”

We got to my room..

“So, what exactly is going on between you and Bazukile?”

I sat on my bed..

“I don’t know hey. All I know is that he is not here to stay”

“How do you know?”

She sat in front of the mirror..

“He is not the type that settles down. Even though he doesn’t admit to it, but I can see it in his eyes”

She did the final touchups on her face..

“But how do you feel about him?”

“I like him, a lot. I guess what attracts me to him is the mystery and the fact that he’s unpredictable”

She nodded, looking at me through the mirror’s reflection..

“I get you. Just go with the flow. I’m sure you’re also in no space to be settling down with anyone”


She got up and quickly packed everything she thought she was going to need into her small handbag..

“My friend, let me get going. I don’t want to keep your man waiting”

She laughed..

“Gosh, that sounds so wrong”

She laughed again..

“It sounds really wrong”

I laughed too as we walked out..

“Aren’t you tagging along?”

I shook my head..

“But why not?”

“I just don’t want to face Bazukile’s friends. One of his cousins asked him why he has never told them that he got a woman pregnant”

Phila laughed..

“And what did he say?”

I laughed too..

“He didn’t reply. He will probably explain in my absence that he is not the father and I’m just some pregnant woman that he is rendering services to”

Phila laughed harder..

“Dude, you’re sick”

We walked out.. Bazukile was in his car, with his chair adjusted to accommodate his sleeping position. Phila knocked on his window. He opened his eyes and rolled the window down.

“Hey sleepy head”

“Hey Phila”

He smiled.

“Ready to hit the road?”

“Yes ma’am”

Phila stepped into the car, on the seat behind the driver’s seat.

“Mandy, get into the car”

I folded my arms..

“I told you I wasn’t going to attend your party”

“Come on. You will be bored”

“Yes friend, you will be really bored in this house”

They ganged up on me, convincing me to tag along. I finally gave in and agreed. I went back into the house to wear warm clothes and to lock up. I got into the car and we drove off.

“People are starting to panic now, I’ve been gone for so long”

“Tell them to loosen up and drink some alcohol, they will be fine”

To Phila, everything was a joke. I could see that Bazukile was on panic mode, but I decided to let him be.

“So Phila, have you told Vuyani that you’re going out?”

“Why would I? That man would hunt me down and join me. I don’t need that”

I laughed.

“The way you get so annoyed cracks me up”

“My friend, that man is annoying. He just can’t love me without making me feel trapped”

Bazukile laughed..

“That’s why I don’t like commitment. It comes with a lot of baggage”

Oh, wow! Phila also realised I was lowkey disappointed in Bazukile’s statement.

“Anyway, your party promises to be out of this world”

Phila changed the subject. They shared the party excitement until we got to Bazukile’s place. He got more excited when he saw how packed his place was.. I, on the other hand, was so shy. We all stepped out of the car and walked towards the house. He held my hand. I looked at him and he smiled.


“What do you mean? You’re the one looking at me”

“You’re the one smiling”

“Arg come on guys, really?”

We laughed.. We got into the house and everyone was so pleased to see Bazukile. He disappeared into the crowd. Yes, there was a crowd in his house.

“Let’s get some drinks”

I looked at her.

“You know I can’t drink alcohol”

She laughed..

“I know, there’s also juice. Look at that”

She pointed at one of the waiters. While we were still talking and laughing, a waitress walked up to us..

“Hi guys, my name is Inga. Can I get you guys anything?”

We both looked at her..

“Wow babes, do you go around asking everyone that question?”

Phila’s question was the dumbest. I laughed. Inga laughed too..

“No, Mr Party asked me to come and ask you guys”

“Oh, Mr Party is far too kind. Can I get anything alcoholic? Please. I just got here and I’m painfully sober”

Inga laughed again.

“Can I get some juice, please?”

She quickly served us and walked away..

“Oh my goodness, that DJ is sizzling hot”

I looked at the DJ. Yes, he was hot in his own right, but he wasn’t my cup of tea. He was tattooed and his body looked like he lifted weights for a living.. Not my cup of tea.

“I’m going to get him, even if its just a kiss”

I looked at her..

“You have got to be kidding me”

She laughed..

“I’m serious. I can’t let such hot blood pass me by”

“Hey guys!!!”

A lady yelled.. We greeted back..

“Bazu asked me to keep you guys company. He said he will quickly go and change”

“That’s so sweet. Thank you”

“I’m going out, to roll a joint. Wanna join me?”


Phila replied excitedly.. We walked out to stand by the fire place.. She quickly took out her weed and started doing whatever she was doing to it, in preparation for the smoking spree.. We talked about a whole lot of stuff, while we waited for her to finish. When she was done, she set it alight and started smoking. Phila obviously joined her and smoked too.

“Wanna try?”

The lady offered me..

“No thanks, I’m fine”

“She’s pregnant. She will just sit around and watch us have fun”

“Ooh, you’re the pregnant woman that everyone was talking about? Wow, my name is Esona. Bazukile is my home boy, we go way back”

“Everyone is talking about me?”

They both laughed so hard.

“What are you guys laughing at?”

“Out of everything I said, is that all you heard?”

She asked, still laughing uncontrollably. I smiled..

“That just caught my attention”

“Oh well, I heard that he came with a pregnant woman earlier and locked her up in his room for a while. Are you guys dating?”

“Uh, not really. I mean, we just met, so we don’t know what we’re doing yet”

She nodded, still puffing like nobody’s business..

“He’s a cool guy. You know, when we were teenagers, I always knew that I was lesbian and he kept insisting that it was because I hadn’t met the right man and that I was going to change back into a normal girl. One Saturday afternoon, we decided to shag. We both wanted to prove whether I was lesbian or straight”

Phila laughed, while I was beyond shocked..

“Oh wow, and how was it?”

“Because I don’t swing that direction, I didn’t feel any connection. Yes, the actual intercourse was great and he left me satisfied, but he still couldn’t manage to change me”

“So he broke your virginity?”

I asked. She laughed..

“Yes. She is the only guy that I’ve ever slept with. I’m just not into guys, he made peace with it”

“So you’re lesbian? I have always wanted to have a conversation with a lesbo”

Esona laughed..

“Why though? We’re just like anybody else. I don’t get why people define us by our sexuality. We are more than just our sexuality”

“I know, it’s just that, lesbians have this shady front that they put up. I don’t know how to explain it”

I was totally out of place, so I just stood there and smiled while they chatted up a storm. By the time they were done smoking, they were laughing their lungs out and I kept missing the jokes.

Later, we went back into the house. Everyone was dancing to the DJ’s set while I was drowsy as hell.. I helped myself on the platter and went to look for Bazukile. I found him, having a conversation with a woman in the passage.


I greeted.. They both turned to look at me..

“Princess, hey. Are you still having fun?”

I nodded.

“Yeah, but I need to go to bed now”

I yawned..

“Okay, let me take you to bed”

He held my hand and we went to his room. We got there and he unlocked it for us.

“Okay, you can sleep. Aren’t you hungry?”

We walked in..

“No, I just ate”

“Okay cool, I will just mingle for a while, and join you in bed. Okay?”

He smiled. I blushed and looked away.

“Keep the bed warm for me. Don’t forget to lock up. We don’t want anyone just walking in here”

I nodded. He planted a feather kiss on my forehead and walked out. I locked up and took my clothes off.. I got into bed, with just my underwear. As I was laying there, I asked myself what I was doing with Bazukile, because I knew he was going to hurt me badly and I sort of expected it. My heart selected only the bad ones.

I must have fallen asleep, because a knock on the door woke me up..

“Who is it?”

“Its us, Esona and Phila”

I got up and went to open. They were both so drunk.. They walked in, laughing and giggling..

“You’re asleep, sorry to wake you up”

Esona apologized.. I got back into bed..

“Its okay”

They both sat on the bed..

“My friend, guess what?”


I looked at Phila.

“Eso and I just made love”

They both laughed..

“Whoa! What’s up with you? Why do you kiss and tell?”

“Mandy is my best friend. We share everything”

I was smiling the whole time..

“My friend, I think I’m lesbian. Maybe that’s why I’m so annoyed by Vuyani. Maybe I want a woman in my life”

“Correction, maybe you need Esona in your life”

They laughed some more..

“You’re right. Maybe I need Esona in my life”

They laughed louder. I was sober, so I couldn’t keep up with their hype.. While I was still listening to them, my phone beeped with an incoming text. The number wasn’t saved but the text read as;

“Dear daughter,

I know you are mad at me and you want nothing to do with me. I’m a bastard, yes. I’m a jerk, you can say it to my face. I have messed up and I know it, all I’m asking for now is a chance to make things right. I hope I didn’t wake you up with this, I am having sleepless nights because of this. Please don’t shut me out, you need me as much as I need you.

From: Desmond Nkomo (your father)”