The minute his lips touched mine, I just knew he had won me over. My body was ready to surrender to his charms and my mind was totally okay with it. I had no traces of regret as I gently smashed my lips against his. Normally, a woman knows on the first stroke that she is making a mistake and starts punishing herself even before the man gets off her- but with him, it was different. I was ready to go all the way with him. It was exciting to be touched after weeks of intense frustrations. We went all the way, and he gave it to me in a way I never received it. Yes, Sibusiso left a mark down there, but Bazukile set a new record.

Later, when we were lying down, facing each other..

“That was great”

He whispered. I smiled, in total agreement.. He ran his hand down my cheek..

“Are you okay?”

After that question, I knew I had to snap out of it and act normal, before I scare the poor guy off with being overly emotional..

“I’m fine. I just really need to take a nap”

I turned and faced away. I needed time to replay the scenario in my mind. I was too excited to keep calm..

“Look, if you feel bad because of what just happened, I’m sorry. I hope you don’t think I took advantage of you”

I ignored him, he was disturbing my excitement. Ladies, am I being weird or does this thing happen to you too? Moments after the deed, you just want a moment of silence, to let it all sink in without anyone blabbing senseless things on your ear? I hope I’m not weird.

He got out of bed.

“I really wish you’d talk to me, you know, let me know how you feel”

After a few minutes of silence, I heard the door swinging open and I assumed he was walking out. I turned around, and he had really walked out. I smiled to myself, with my sister down there whispering “thank you”. What made me more excited was the fact that we used protection and he was totally okay with me monitoring the whole process. He didn’t feel uncomfortable when I watched him as he wore his condom. He understood me, and that’s all that mattered to me.. About an hour later, while I was dozing off, Phila woke me up.

” Sunshiiiiine!!! Sunshiiine???”

She yelled. You could swear the house was on fire, the way she yelled “Sunshine” at the top of her voice. My eyes shot open..

“What?? What?”

I sat up..

“Oh, thank goodness. I thought you were dead or something”

She fanned her face with her left hand..

“You thought I was dead? Why would I be dead?”

“You’ll never know what those little devils you’re carrying are planning. Maybe they are planning to kill you”

She threw herself on the bed.

“You’re calling my kids little devils?”

I asked in disbelief.

“No, but let’s face it.. Those kids tricked you. You were not ready for them, and they pulled the world’s shittiest prank on you”

She laughed ..

“Phila, are you drunk?”

She laughed so hard..

“I was drinking wine, what did you expect?”

I got out of bed and wore my sandals..

“We need to leave”

“What? Now?”

I fixed the part of the bed I was sleeping on.

“Yes, now. You’re drunk and you’re embarrassing yourself”

She laughed…

“Embarrassing myself? Dude, everyone is drunk here. Well, everyone except for you and your lover boy”

She laughed again. I secretly sighed in relief when I heard that Bazukile was sober. The last thing I needed was to be surrounded by drunk people. I finished wearing my sandals and fixed my leggings. After doing the deed, I just got dressed carelessly, for the sake of getting dressed.. When I was done, I walked out, leaving Phila there .. When I got to the lounge, Bazukile was helping a friend of his who passed out on the couch.


I stood by the entrance.. He looked up.

“Princess, hey.. Uhm are you okay?”

He sounded a little nervous.. I nodded..

“I’m okay, can you take us home?”

I tried to remain as calm as I could..

“Yeah, sure. . Let me call a cab for my friends. I can’t let them drive in this condition and I don’t want to leave them here”

I wanted to ask why he didn’t drive them home when he was driving us, but whatever. I nodded again..

“Where is Phila?”

“I left her in your room. Let me go and get her”

I walked away. I hated the tension between Bazukile and I. I was not expecting it at all. I got to his bedroom, and Phila had passed out on his bed.

“Phila, wake up man!”

I literally hit her on the thighs.

“Ouch! Are you crazy?”

She opened her eyes and rubbed her thighs..

“Let’s go”

She closed her eyes again, and I hit her thighs again.

“Dude, knock it off”

She rubbed her thighs, with her eyes still closed..

“If you don’t get up, I’ll hit you again”

I threatened her and she jumped off the bed.

“I’m up, Cruela”

“Let’s go”

I pointed at the door, signaling that she should walk out that door.. She walked out and I followed her to the lounge . Bazukile was pacing up and down..

“Here we are”

I deliberately disturbed him. He stopped on his tracks..

“Oh, yes. The cab is on its way”

“Cab? What cab?”

Phila asked, looking at me..

“A cab, for Bazukile’s friends”

I replied on his behalf, only because Phila was looking at me.. She laughed.

“Oh geez, I thought he called us a cab”

I shook my head. After a few minutes, the cab arrived while Bazukile and I had not moved an inch and Phila was snoring on the couch.. Bazukile carried his friends to the cab and handled everything else with the cab driver. I decided to sit on the couch, just to look a little more comfortable. He walked back into the house..

“I’m sorry about that. My friends were trying to get into the party mood”

He apologized while he took his car keys from in front of the TV set.

“Its okay, I understand”

I got up and went to try and wake Phila up..

“Phila, wake up man”

“Let me carry her to the car”

He carried her to the car and I waited for him in the house, because he had to come back and lock up. He walked back into the house.. I was already on my feet, so I walked towards the door..

“Mandiphumle, are you okay?”

He grabbed my hand..

“I’m fine, why wouldn’t I be?”

I smiled..

“Do you regret what we did?”

I shook my head..

“What? No, I don’t. Come, let’s go”

I removed my hand from his.

“Mandy, talk to me. Please”

“There is nothing to talk about. Can we just go? Please”

He made way for me to walk out, and I did. He locked up and we silently walked up to his car. Phila was loudly snoring at the back of the car. Bazukile drove off..

“Can I get you guys anything?”

“No, thanks. We’re fine”

He looked at me, and then looked at the road ahead.. We got home and Vuyani’s car was parked outside..

“Oh holy crap!”


He looked at me.. I turned to wake Phila up..

“Phila, Vuyani is here.. Phila, wake up!”

I hit her so hard.. She woke up..

“What the hell?”

“Dude, we’re home and Vuyani is here”

Her eyes widened..

“What? Vuyani is here?”

I nodded..

“Who is Vuyani?”

Bazukile asked..

“What do we do?”

I asked too..

“I don’t know. Gosh, I’m so sloshed. I can’t…”

She hit her forehead with the palm of her hand..

“Phila, talk. What do we do?”

She shrugged her shoulders..

“Guys, who is this? He’s starting to be uncomfortable with having a car parked behind his. Look at what he’s doing with his lights”

Bazukile was getting uncomfortable too..

“Vuyani is Phila’s boyfriend.”

I replied.

“Come, let’s get rid of him”

He opened his door..

“Wait, how?”

“Just follow my lead”

He stepped out of the car.

“Don’t screw up. That guy is super sensitive”

I whispered and he ignored me. We got Vuyani’s car and Bazukile knocked on his window.. He rolled it down and looked at the both of us..

“Vuyani, hey”

I greeted..

“Evening, Sir”

Bazukile was seriously going to screw up. “Evening, Sir?” What? Were we in primary now?

“Hey guys. Uhm, I’m sorry to be parking like this in your front yard. I’m just looking for Phila”

He sounded so humble and sincere. I looked at Bazukile..

“Oh, its okay. I was starting to get worried. My girlfriend assured me that she knew you, but I just had to come and have a word with you”

My girlfriend???

“Yes, I understand. I’m sorry again. Have you guys seen her?”

Bazukile cleared his throat..

“Maybe she went to town. I had to take my girlfriend to the doctor and Phila said something about getting something to eat in town, for dinner”

Vuyani nodded..

“I tried calling her, but she’s not picking up”

“Uhm, she left her phone with me. Its in the car. I decided to put it on silent mode because I didn’t want to pick up her calls. I can get it for you”

I chipped in..

“Please keep it”

“Listen, we would love to invite you in, but my girlfriend is not feeling well and I have to take care of her. I will get Phila to call you when she gets back”

Vuyani nodded..

“Okay. I’ll be waiting for her call”

He started his car and drove off.. Bazukile hugged me as Vuyani drove off.

“What the hell is going on?”

He whispered. I broke the hug and looked at him..

“What do you mean?”

“That guy. You looked so terrified. Phila is also in a state. What is going on?”

I giggled.

“Nothing is going on. Vuyani is a sensitive guy. That’s all”

“Okay. Mandy, you know you can talk to me. Right?”

I sighed..

“Yes and thank you”

“Let’s get you guys in the house then”

He walked up to the car and I followed him. He carried Phila into the house and I unlocked for him..He went to put her on the couch..

“Thank you”

He nodded..

“I have to get going”

He walked out and I went to lock up. I then went to the bathroom to take a bath, freshening up for bed. When I was done, I went to my room and got dressed in my pyjamas. My phone rang, and it was Alex calling.. I knew it was just mama, checking up on me. I picked up and we chatted about everything. She missed me so much, and I missed her too.. We finished on the phone and I went to make myself something to eat. As I was eating, Phila walked into the kitchen..


I greeted as she walked in..

“Coffee, please”

I got up and boiled her some water while she pulled a chair and sat down..

“Vuyani was here, looking for you”

She didn’t respond..

“Thank God, Bazukile was here. I don’t know what I would have done without him”

I slightly tilted my head to the side, imagining his soft lips.. Phila’s silence was too loud, so I turned to look at her. She was staring into the open space, with her eyes half open ..

“Phila, go to bed. I can’t deal with you when you’re like this..”

She snapped out of it and looked at me..

“I’m off to bed”

She got up and took a few steps away. She bent over and vomited. Sweet Jesus, I was still eating. I covered my eyes with both hands.


After a few minutes of silence, I uncovered my eyes, only to find out that Phila had left the room. Maybe in her little mind, she imagined me cleaning up after her. I took my food and went to watch TV while I ate.

The following morning, I woke up at 8am. Phila was still fast asleep when I woke up. I went to make myself some breakfast, but Phila’s vomit made things hard for me.. As I was toying with whether to clean it up or not, someone knocked on our front door. I got the fright of a lifetime because nobody never really knocked on our door, unless someone opened the gate for them.

“Who is it?”

I shouted..

“Its me, Vuyani”

How the hell did he get in? I went to open for him .. He was standing there, looking like a kid who has just lost his toy. He looked frustrated.

“Vuyani, hi”..

He cracked a smile..

” Hi. Uhm, did she come home last night?”

“Yes, she came home. She was a little tired when she got home, so she went straight to bed. How did you get in?”

“She was tired? From doing what? The gate was open so I walked right in”

The gate was open and he walked right in? I didn’t know how that made me feel. My level of irresponsibility was sky high. I made way for him and he walked in..

“Uh, I’m not sure. Let me go and wake her up for you”

I took a few steps away..

“Mandy, wait”

He softly called out. I stopped on my tracks and turned to look at him.

“Is she..Uh, do you think she is cheating on me?”

Just out of the blue, Phila’s weird boyfriend asked me that.

“What? No. Why would you even think that?”

I tried to act as normal as I possibly could..

“Mandy, I know she is your friend and all. But please, is she cheating on me?”

He sounded desperate to know..

“No, she’s not cheating on you. She would have told me”

He swallowed..

“Look, I don’t want to sound like a psycho or anything, but she’s just sending me negative vibes”

Oh but, he was acting like a psycho already..

“She seems to be avoiding spending time with me, so much that she gets really excited about getting out of the house”

He pulled a chair and sat down..

“Well, I don’t know. You’d have to talk to her about it.”

I pulled a chair and sat down too..

“I love her, Mandy. I know I’m sounding pathetic and weak right now, but I love Phila with all my heart. I know I sometimes come on too strong with all my commitment ideas, but they are all from a good place. A place of love. I love that woman so much. I know she will be so annoyed to see me here, but please explain to her that the love I have for her won’t allow me to let my guard down. Deep down in my heart, I fear that she’d one day want to go back to her old life”

I cleared my throat..

“You need to talk to her”

“I can’t, she hates it when I bring serious topics to the table. Mandy, please keep an eye on her and please make sure she doesn’t go back there. That would kill me”

I don’t know, but Vuyani’s love was scary for me. I didn’t want that type of love in my life, thank you very much. I kind of understood why Phila was struggling to settle down with the guy, he had great qualities of an obsessed psycho. At that age, I didn’t know much about love, but I knew that being loved shouldn’t make you uncomfortable. I was freaked out, and I hoped it didn’t show on my face.. NEED A BLOG OR A BUSINESS WEBSITE?