I had no energy left in me to explain my pain and struggles to forgive the man, so I decided to silently eat.

“My friend, you really don’t deserve this. No child should be going through the stuff you’re going through. I want you to know that I’ll always be there for you, no matter what. Okay?”

I nodded like an innocent five year old at the assurance that Phila was granting me.

“Thank you, Phila. You really don’t know how much your support means to me. I don’t know what I would have done without you. Maybe I would have been dead by now, who knows?”

She laughed.

“No, God would have made another plan for your to survive. You will not die, until you serve your purpose”

I smiled.


She asked with a giggly voice.

“When did you grow up to be so wise? Just a few hours ago, you were stupid”

She laughed so hard. ..

“Mandy, I was never stupid and I’m not wise. You just see me the way you want to see me at that specific moment. I’m always like this, normal, you just have to work on your attitude towards me”

I laughed.

“Ya well”..

My phone rang.. I fiddled under my pillow and found it. It was Bazukile, calling. I smiled..

” Hello”

I couldn’t believe I was smiling because of Bazukile, the very same Bazukile who annoyed the hell out of me the previous day.

“My pregnant pretty princess. How are you?”..

I blushed ..

” I’m okay, and you?”

“I’m good. Where are you? I miss you”

I giggled. He missed me, wasn’t that cute though?

“I’m home, with a friend of mine”

“What are you guys up to?”

I looked at Phila, who was staring at me like she was searching for my soul..

“We’re just hanging out, nothing much”

“Mmhm, can I join you?”

I laughed.

“Nah, I don’t think so”

“Can I pick you guys up then? We’ll hang out at my place”

I didn’t think Phila would appreciate that. I thought she’d want to spend time with me, instead of a stranger..

“No, you don’t have to pick us up. We’ll just hang out and maybe watch movies”

Phila literally flew and hit me on the chest with a very hard fist..


I moaned in great pain. I was struggling to keep calm, I was in pain..

“Mandy, are you okay?”

I took a few seconds, trying to regain my breathing pattern.


Bazukile sounded so worried on the other side…

“I’m fine. Ouch man!”

I gently rubbed my chest..

“What is going on? Are you okay?”

I coughed softly..

“My evil friend nearly killed me”

He laughed..

“What did she do?”

I coughed again..

“She just hit me, for no reason”

“No reason? You’re turning down some good company!!!”

Phila yelled and Bazukile laughed.

“Oh, wow! So she wants me to come over?”

His voice carried so much excitement..

“Yeah, it seems like it”

“Okay, I’m coming. I’ll call you just now”

He hung up..

“Did you have to do that?”

I looked at her..

“Yes, I had to. You were turning the guy down, for what? Boring Nigerian movies?”

I laughed..

“Who said anything about watching Nigerian movies?”

“These people are Nigerians, it only makes sense”

I got out of bed.

“Well, we were going to watch American movies, or South African movies”

I placed the tray on my bedside.

“No thank you, I’ll pass. Get that boy over here, and I’ll be good”

She got up too ..

“He’s on his way. Be warned, he can be very annoying sometimes”

She laughed…

“Its you who should put up with that, not me. My job is to just smile and not pay attention to anything anyone is saying”

I rolled my eyes at her..

“You’re something else.. Are you going to bath first or I should?”

“I’ll go first”

She walked out.. I made my bed and took out an outfit for the day. I took out a maternity top with leggings and sandals. I knew how much Bazukile loved my tummy, so I had to show it off.. Shortly, Phila walked into my room..

“Has he called again?”

I shook my head.

“Not yet”

I went to the bathroom and took a quick bath.. When I was done, I went to my room, butt naked.

“Oh man, this is cute”

She looked at me..


She pointed at my tummy..

“That. Its so round and cute”

I smiled.

“Thank you”

“Can I touch it?”

My smile faded away..


“Ah come on, I just want to rub it. I read somewhere that its the best way to bond with the unborn babies”

I cleared my throat..

“You? Read?”

She laughed..

“Dude, I read. Why are you treating me like I’m some dumb chick?”

I laughed too..

“It just sounded weird, that’s all”

“Whatever, can I touch your tummy?”

Again, my smile got wiped off my face. I didn’t want my tummy to be touched by anyone. I just didn’t feel comfortable with that..

“Not now. Maybe some other time hey”

I knew I sounded cold, but I couldn’t let her rub my tummy..

“Dude, you really need to stop making a big deal out of everything. You will die young if you carry on like this”

My ringing phone saved me..


“Hey, I’m on my way.. I’ll call you when I get there”

He hung up.

“He says he’s on his way”

I quickly grabbed my clothes and got dressed. Phila was already dressed up in a pair of high-waist jeans and a tucked in shirt, with sneakers.

“Tell me about this guy. What kind of a person is he?”

I sat in front of the mirror and worked on my face.

“Well, he’s stupid, to say the least”

She laughed.


I laughed too..

“Yeah, the things he says. He’s just too childish sometimes.. Or and another thing, he’s a player”

She stopped laughing.

“He’s a player?”

I nodded.

“Yep. He always breaks up with his girlfriends because of his cheating. He even put the mother of his child through hell because of his cheating”

“Wow,he told you all that?”

She sat on my bed..

“Yes. He told me all that. He also told me that if I want any sexual pleasure, I should give him a call because he enjoys sleeping with pregnant women”

I looked at her reaction through her reflection in the mirror..

“What? Wow! I’ve never heard anyone so honest”

She covered her mouth with both hands.


She nodded, removing her hands from her mouth..

“Yes. He’s not telling you about love and feelings, he’s just straight to the point. I find that very attractive”

That was the Phila I knew- the no strings attached type of girl..

“That sounds just like you. I’m not used to that kind of stuff”

“Can we swap places please? I’d kill for a random shag right now. This thing of being tied down really gets to me sometimes. Plus, sis Meissie sent me a text the other day, telling me that she raised me and now I’m being ungrateful”

I rolled my eyes.

“She’s just trying to make you feel bad. You’re doing the right thing by sticking with Vuyani. Sis Meissie must just leave you alone, that’s all”

She remained silent.

“What’s with the silence? Don’t tell me you’re considering it”

Silence. . I turned to look at her.

“Are you for real? After everything Vuyani has done for you?”

She sighed.

“I won’t do it, okay? I’m just saying”

I wasn’t convinced, but I decided to let her be..

“Okay then, let’s go and have breakfast”

“Whoa! What? You want us to be full when we meet the guy?”

I looked at her..

“Must we be hungry?”

She smiled..

“There is a lot you still need to learn hey”

While we were still discussing that, Bazukile called to say he was outside our house..

“Come, let’s go”

I took my phone and walked out, and Phila followed me out. We locked up and went to his car.. Bazukile was standing next to his car, talking on the phone. We silently greeted and he silently greeted back, then we stood next to him.. He wrapped up the call and hung up..

“Ladies, hello. You’re looking beautiful”

He hugged me, and then hugged Phila..

“This is Phila, my friend”

I pointed at Phila..

“Phila, hi. I’m Bazukile”..

He stretched his hand out for a hand shake..

” Pleased to meet you too”

They shook hands..

“You’re just as beautiful as my pregnant pretty princess over here”

He held my hand. Phila laughed..

“Yeah, my friend really is beautiful for a pregnant woman”..

I blushed and looked away..

” Stop it, guys”

Bazukile kissed my hand and then let go of it..

“Let’s get moving”

We got into the car and drove off..

“So where are we going?”

Phila asked..

“We’re going to my place.. I’m hosting a party tomorrow night, and I was hoping you guys would help me prepare. I’ve already hired the catering guys, but they don’t do decors”

Phila sounded so excited ..

“That’s awesome. Are we invited to the party?”

Bazukile took a glance at me, and then looked at the road ahead..

“Well, your friend over here doesn’t want to attend the party. Maybe you will change her mind”

I laughed.

“I’ll think about it. I’m not really a party person”

“You’re a nothing person, my friend. I’m not surprised”

We laughed.

“What do you guys feel like eating? Or you’ll cook?”

I turned to look at Phila..

“Cook? You must be joking. We’re guests,there is no way we will cook for ourselves”

Phila protested..

“Okay, fine. Let’s get something to eat on the way”

We stopped in town and bought a whole lot of junk and stuff, then we went to his place.. His apartment was so well designed, with an African feel as decoration..

“Wow, I’m loving your place”

I said, with my eyes wandering around the room as we walked in through the front door..

“Thank you. I try”

“Do you stay alone here? This house has a woman’s touch.”

That’s Phila for you, never beating about the bush.. Bazukile laughed..

“There was a woman, but not anymore. All I’m doing now is to maintain the look”

Phila and I sat on the same couch while Bazukile went to dish up for us..

“I’m loving this guy”

Phila whispered.

“I know, right? He’s hot and stuff, but he’s a player”

She rolled her eyes..

“So what? Its not like you’re looking for a husband or anything. Go with the flow”

I smiled..

“Easier said than done hey. I have kids on the way”

I rubbed my tummy..

“Kids who will need to be fed and taken care of. You need this man in your life, you will both benefit from this”

Bazukile walked in.

“Benefit from what?”

He asked. Phila and I looked at each other.

“Oh, no. Uhm, we’re talking about a medical aid scheme that the pregnant princess is thinking of taking”

Phila mumbled.. Bazukile placed the tray on the coffee table.

“I see. Medical aids are very important for pregnant princesses. Which one is that? Maybe I can help with some advice”

Phila and I looked at each other again..

“No man,let’s not discuss medical aid schemes now. That subject is boring and dull.. So do you have a theme for your party?”

Phila changed the awkward subject..

“Nah, not really. Do you have anything in mind?”

While Phila and Bazukile were discussing party themes and all, I was indulging on the food. The more I ate, the more I wanted to eat. The food tasted so delicious, like I hadn’t eaten in days.

Later on, Bazukile had two friends over and they brought bottles of wine.. We were hanging out in the lounge, with everyone drinking while I had my glass of juice.. They were talking about a whole lot of stuff, and I was getting bored because I was sober..

“I need to rest”

I announced..

“Oh no, please don’t tell me you want to go home”

Phila opposed.

“I’m tired, Phila. I’ve been sitting like this for hours now”

I gently massaged my waist area.

“Why don’t you go and take a nap? We will wake you up when its time to leave”

One of Bazukile’s friends suggested. It was a great idea.. I got up..

“Let me show you the way”

Bazukile walked me to his room where I was meant to take a nap.

“Being pregnant gets to me sometimes. Now I am going to sleep, while other people are having fun”

We got to the bedroom and he closed the door..

“Don’t worry, it’ll all be over soon. Enjoy it while it lasts”

I took my sandals off and got into bed..

“How are you feeling? Are you okay?”

He stood by the bed as I got into bed..

“I’m fine, just a bit tired.”

“I can give you a massage, if you want”

I looked at him..

“A massage?”

He nodded..

“If that’s okay with you”

“Okay, fine. I think I could use a massage”

“Can you lie on your tummy for few minutes?”

I giggled..

“I won’t be comfortable on my tummy, let me rather sit up”

“Okay, no problem”

I sat up and he worked his magic on my shoulders and back. I had my eyes tightly closed while he ran his gentle fingers down my back..

“You’re beautiful. Do you know that?”

I opened my eyes and looked at him.


“I’m just saying, you are so beautiful. You have these very soft and inviting lips of yours”

I blushed even more.. I knew what I was getting myself into, but I couldn’t control myself. I was attracted to him. The way he appreciated my looks, and the way he flaunted his honesty was attractive. He wasn’t scared of digging his own dirty laundry and present it to me. I overlooked all the flaws and faults and saw a loving man who was just scared of loving and getting attached.. Let’s not blame the pregnancy on this one, I was attracted to a bad boy and it felt so good..