Days went by, and I was still stuck on a hospital bed. I was so bored with the hospital routine, and I felt like my life was on standstill. Yes, I rested enough and I had time to properly focus on my pregnancy, and nothing else, but I was bored. Phila and Thando visited daily, mornings were for Phila and evenings were for Thando. They took turns with the afternoons. Nobody else visited me, except for the both of them. I honestly don’t know what I would have done without them, at that point in my life. They were going through trials and tribulations of their own, but they still made it a point that I felt their love and support.

On a Monday morning, after the morning routine, I sat on my bed and read a magazine that Phila brought me the previous day..”Miss Soldati”, I knew the voice so well. I looked up.. “Doctor, hi” I looked back at my magazine. I could hear the flipping pages that he was going through my file. “How are you feeling today?” he asked.. “I’m feeling well, thank you” I looked at him. “Good. I feel you are fit to go back home” he announced. I smiled. “Are you discharging me?” .. He smiled back, “yes. You can go home now”. I was happy to be discharged, but facing Alex and the others was the only thing I wasn’t looking forward to. The mere thought of their annoying faces changed my mood and turned it sour. ” Please continue with the routine. Eat healthy, go for walks, but give yourself enough time to rest” he said, and I nodded. If I got money every time he told me that, I would have been hella rich.. I thanked him for the treatment and care, and he walked away.. I took my phone and called Phila.. “Hello?” she picked up. “Phila. Hey, I’ve been discharged” I told her. “Really? That’s amazing. I was just preparing to come and visit you” she said. “Uh, you can come and pick me up” I replied. “Okay cool, I’m on my way” she said, hanging up. I went to the bathroom and changed into my clothes, and waited for Phila. After a while, she walked in.. “Sunshine!” she greeted .. “Hey, friend” I greeted back. We shared a hug. “Its about time they discharge you. Hospital clothes don’t look good on you” she joked. I laughed. “Yeah, whatever. Let’s get out of here” I replied. After all the necessary paperwork, we walked out.

“I’m with Vuyani. Its his day off, so he decided to tag along” she told me. “Oh okay cool. That saves us from using taxis” I replied. She nodded. “Yeah, I guess” she said. I looked at her. “You guess?” ..She sighed. “I’m just not happy with the person he is turning me into. This is not who I am” she replied. “Phila, I told you. This man wants what’s best for you. Stop being bitter and appreciate him” I said. “Appreciate what? Being bullied? Today, we went to check out colleges, I’m so annoyed” she rolled her eyes. “You’re really lucky to have him. Hang on to him” I replied.

We got to the car.. “Hello” I greeted as we got into the car.. “Hey Mandy” he greeted back, turning to look at me. “How are you?” he asked. “I’m good, and you?” I replied. “I’m good, thanks. You’re still looking beautiful for a pregnant woman” he politely said. I smiled. “Thank you”. He turned around and faced ahead, starting his car and driving off.. ” So, where to?” he asked. Alex’s place was the only home for me, whether I liked it or not. “Let’s take her to our place” Phila said. Vuyani remained silent for a few seconds .. “No, its okay Phila. Take me home” I declined. “You need to rest. Just one last time, before facing those monsters” she turned to look at me. I tried using my hands to tell her that I didn’t want to intrude, but she ignored me and turned to face away. If Vuyani wanted me to go to his place, he would have agreed with Phila.

His silence spoke in volumes. Sometimes we need to listen to the silence, because it carries all the unspoken words. Some people convey messages through silence. He didn’t want me in his place, and there was absolutely nothing wrong with that. It was his personal choice not to have guests over, I couldn’t hold that against him. “Phila, take me home. Please” I insisted. “But my friend….” I cut her short. “Please, Phila. There is a lot I need to sort out, remember?” I said. She sighed. “Okay fine” she sounded so annoyed but I ignored her..

We got home, and Phila stepped out of the car with me. “Thanks, Vuyani” I said, closing the door. “Its a pleasure” he replied, looking at me through his rolled down window. “Let me walk you in” Phila offered. “Dude, what is wrong with you?” I asked as we walked towards the house. “I should be asking you that. How could you insist on coming here?” she asked too. “Can’t you see that Vuyani doesn’t want me to go to his place?” I asked. “Did he say that?” she asked too.. “Did he have to say it out loud?” I asked. “Didn’t he?” she asked too. Total waste of time. I kept quiet.. “My friend” she held my hand, and stopping on her tracks. I stopped on mine too and looked at her. “I am not happy with this man” she announced. “Phila, what do you want? Do you want to be Sis Meissie’s sex slave for the rest of your life?” I asked. “No, but I just want to be myself. Vuyani is so controlling. He’s insisting on taking me back to school and changing my lifestyle completely.” she replied. “Because he loves you, my friend. He wants to improve your life and push you towards greatness” I said. “No. Why does he love me? I hate making my bed, I hate doing laundry, I hate cooking, I smoke, I am a mess. Why would he go for a mess like myself while he could find himself an already established woman, ready for his love? Why is he choosing someone who has nothing better to offer but a truck load of flaws and faults?” she asked. “I know you’re new at this. Just relax, okay? Allow this man to love you. Let him take care of you” I said. “Yho! I thought relationships were easy, until I found myself in one. The idea of being with one man for the rest of my life scares me. Where is the fun in that?” … Before I could reply, my phone rang. It was Sibusiso.. “Hello” I picked up.. “Mandy, how are you?” he asked. “I’m okay, and you?” I replied. “I’m good. I’m coming over this afternoon, what should I bring you?” he asked. “Nothing, I’m home now” I said. “Home, when were you discharged?” he asked. “This morning” I replied. “Oh, okay. Can I come over? I’m really sorry I have been quiet for the past couple of days. I had a huge fight with my wife, and she threw Enkosi out. Things have been really hectic” he explained. “She came to visit me too” I told him. “What? When?” he asked. “A couple of days ago, telling me to stay away from you” I replied. “This woman! She’s been going around, messing my life up. She even hid my phone for days” he said. “Sounds really hectic. So where is Enkosi?” I asked. “He’s back with us. She took him back to dad. Imagine. Dad is no feeling well and she just dumps a kid on him. I had to go and fetch him” he replied. “Thank you” I said. “Look, things are very messy at the moment. I don’t know how or when we will do that cleansing ceremony. My wife has gone crazy” he said. “Which is why we shouldn’t meet up. You can’t come over here. I don’t want drama” I replied. “About the cleansing ceremony, can’t you take time off at work during the day so we can quickly get it over and done with?” I suggested. “Okay, let’s say on Wednesday then. I’ll make a plan” he said. “I also wanted to give you some money, to buy yourself anything you want” he added. “We should meet in town for that, say tomorrow” I said. “No problem. Keep well” he hung up. He didn’t know that we were expecting twins, yet. I sighed. “And then?” Phila asked. “Trouble in Sibusiso’s paradise” I replied..

We got into the house. Mama rushed in, to check who it was. Her face lit up and a wide smile appeared. “Mandy, you’re back” she rushed up to me and hugged me.. “Mama, hello” I held her tight. We broke the hug and she briefly hugged Phila. “How are you? I was worried sick about you” she asked. “I’m fine, mama. How are you?” I replied. “I’m okay. I wanted to visit you in hospital, but I decided to give you time to rest without having to deal with anything else” she said. “Hospital? How did you …” I stopped mid sentence. What was I asking. Of course she knew, nothing went past her. She smiled. “I have to go. Mandy, I’ll see you around” Phila announced. I looked at her. “Okay. Thank you for everything” we shared a hug.. “Remember to relax, yeah?” I said. “Yeah” she replied . She said her goodbyes and left.. “Sit down, let me make you a nice cup of tea” she said, walking over to the sink. I pulled a chair and sat down.. “I take it you now know that you are carrying twins?” she asked. I laughed. “Yes, I know. I remember how I always corrected you when you talked about kids instead of a kid” I replied. “I couldn’t tell you, because you were already falling apart. I wanted you to find out in your own time” she said. I giggled. “I also have been informed about the storm that’s approaching. That boy’s wife is not going to back down without a fight, and a lot of people will be affected” she said. “Yeah, that battle has already started. She is spitting flames already” I replied. The water boiled and she poured us both cups and she sat down too.. “So, what has been going on around here?” I asked. “A lot has been going on around here. From the first day I set my foot in this house, I sensed a lot of evil spirits harboring around here. I was shown in a dream, how Ntombi used black magic on my son, to win him back” she replied. I covered my mouth with both hands.. “In that dream, she was assisted by Zizo. When I woke up, I consulted my people, and they revealed it, as it is. I just need someone who will help my son from this and flush this from his system.” she added. “Why can’t you do it yourself?” I asked. “I can’t. And I can’t even tell him yet. I need to find someone who will help me first” she replied. “So Ntombi is still around?” I asked. “Yes, and I am not going to say anything. I need to heal my son, and everything will fall into place” she replied. I sipped on my tea. “You know, Mandy. I feel you and Alex belong together. I know they lied and said you were just a needy friend, but they forgot who they were lying to. I feel like you and Alex should be together. Your hearts are connected, but you’re both not in the right spaces at the moment” she said. I sipped on my tea again.. “Alex loves you. I see the passion in his eyes when he talks about you, even though he wants us to believe that he wants nothing to do with you. He loves you, so much. Its only a matter of time before you two get reconnected” she added. “I really don’t think that will ever happen, Mama” I replied. “It will. You belong with my son, something inside me recognises your union”…