The hatred in her eyes told a very sad story. A story of a woman who was willing to fight tooth and nail to keep her family together, even though there was nothing left to fight for. The anger in her voice indicated the disappointment she was carrying in her heart. The disappointment that came with someone she trusted with her life. It wasn’t me she was mad at, it was the man she opened her heart to. It was the amount of feelings she invested on a marriage that was laid on a concrete foundation of dishonesty and lies. She wasn’t throwing my brother out, but was getting rid of any reminder of how much of a sick bastard her man was. Women always project their anger and frustrations to other people, and never accept that the battle is within their marriages. Sure, she was going to make my life a living hell by throwing my brother out and letting me and my kids suffer, but was that going to keep her husband’s zip up? Was that going to stop him from sleeping around?

“Let’s get one thing straight here, Mrs Nkomo. Your husband is the one who came after me. I didn’t know him, and never, not for a single day found him attractive. What happened between me and him was him taking advantage of me when I was in a desperate situation” I said. “I don’t care what happened between you and my husband. All I’m telling you now, is to stay the hell away from my family. Got that?” she replied. “Loud and clear” I said, trying to cut matters short. There was no point in arguing with her. “I’m watching you!” she walked away. I sighed. Wow!

“The nerve!” the lady on the bed next to mine exclaimed. I looked at her, ashamed to realized that she heard everything. “Who does she think she is?” she added. Oh, so she was on my side. For a second there, I thought she was going to drag me into the ring for more blows of insults. “I can’t believe this is happening” I covered my face with both hands. “She can’t deny that man access to his child. She can’t even get you to stay away from that man. It should be his decision” she said. “Seriously, I don’t want any more of this drama in my life. She can have him, and I don’t mind seeing her angry face every time they visit” I replied, uncovering my face. She laughed. “You’re going to deal with that for the rest of your life. The only way out of this one is to make your own demands. Have your own conditions. Don’t be submissive. You didn’t make this baby alone and you didn’t force that man” she said. She was right, but the energy is what I didn’t have. We talked about it for a while, with her giving me advices on how to deal with that woman who was set on making my life a living hell. “Hello” someone greeted, while I was still talking to the lady. I turned around. It was one of the nurses from earlier. It was the one with a four year old son. “Oh, hey” I greeted back. “How are you?’ she opened my file. ” I’m okay, and you?” I replied. “I’m good. So, do you feel any pains?” she asked. “Pains? No, I’m fine. I’m okay” I replied. “When last did you eat?” she asked. “Uh, about two hours ago. I had pizza” I replied. “Wait, are you writing that down?” I asked. She nodded. “Why?” I asked. “Because the doctors need to keep track of your progress” she explained. “Okay, don’t write the part about eating pizza.” I said. She laughed. “When last did you go to the toilet?” she asked. “This morning” I replied. “Okay. Please don’t forget to take a walk around the ward, as per doctor’s orders” she said, and I nodded. She walked away..

Later, Thando arrived, carrying a rose, along with eatable stuff.. “Hey” he greeted, pulling a chair and sitting down.. “Hey” I greeted back.. “How are you?” he asked. I wished people could stop asking me that.. “I’m good, and you?” I replied. “I’m okay.. Are you settling in well, here?” he asked. “Yes. I am” I replied. “Are you sure you’re okay? You’re not even smiling today. Are you feeling any pains?” he asked. “I’m fine. It’s just that, things have gotten worse” i replied. “How?” he asked. “The doctor just told me that I’m carrying twins, and Sibusiso’s wife was here earlier, telling me to stay away from her husband” I told him. Even for him, that was too much to take in, but he remained calm. “That woman was totally out of line. You are not the one she should be talking to” he said. “I didn’t even know the guy was getting married. I only overheard a telephone conversation between him and this woman, and that’s when I found out that he was committed to someone” I explained. “Even if you knew, you don’t owe her anything. You didn’t vow to stay loyal to her” he said. “Look, she just needs to accept that her man cheated, and stop causing drama” he added. “But I honestly understand where she’s coming from…” he cut me short.. “She’s coming from nowhere but hell. Stop understanding crap. That woman needs to leave you alone” he said. I pressed my lips tightly together. “Here, this will cheer you up” he handed me the rose. I smiled. “Thanks” I took the rose.. “So, you’re carrying twins. Are they boys or girls?” he asked. “I don’t know, but the doctor kept referring to one twin as he” I replied. “Yes!” he clapped in excitement.. I laughed. “What?” I asked. “A boy! Someone to play soccer with, and ride bicycles” he replied. I cleared my throat. “How’s your son?” I asked. His statement sounded like a cry. “He’s still in intensive care unit. The doctors say he is making a slow recovery. We just need to be patient” he replied. “Ah, I’m so sorry” I said. He looked at me. “He will fight. He is a very strong boy” he responded. “Yeah, he will make it. He has to” I said. He slowly nodded. “How’s your wife coping?” I asked. “She’s depressed. She is acting like its all her fault. Like if she was there, the boy wouldn’t have gotten burnt” he replied. “But its really not her fault” I said. Thando stayed until the visiting hour was over, and left.. Amongst the things he brought me, was a phone charger. I charged my phone while I ate. .

The hospital routine was fixed, so I woke up the following morning and got on the routine. While I was sitting on my bed, minding my own business, the saved nurse passed by. The saved nurse, if that sounds wrong, I’m sorry. “Excuse me” I called out, to get her attention. She stopped on her tracks and looked at me. “Can I ask you something?” I asked. “Yes, you can” she came closer to my bed. “Uhm, you said something about being saved. I’ve been thinking about this since then. Do you mind elaborating on it?” I asked. “Oh no, I don’t mind. Let me finish up, I’ll talk to you when I’m done” she replied. I nodded and she walked away..

During the first visiting hour, Phila came to visit.. We talked for a whole, filling each other in on everything. “I’m looking forward to a conversation I’m going to have with a nurse here about being saved” I announced.. “What????” she asked. “I want to hear what she has to say. I don’t know, maybe God will change my life” I added. “No. Don’t fool yourself here” she said. I looked at her.. “Huh?” I asked. “Don’t listen to anything that person is going to tell you about salvation” she said. “Why not?” I asked. “Hello? This is the real world. How are you going to survive without a man? You have two kids, which means your man will have to have deeper pockets” she said.. “Not everything is about men, you know” I rolled my eyes. “Okay cool. Go right ahead and talk to her. Get her to sell you this idea of a perfect life. Allow her to turn you into a church pumpkin. Maybe you will feed your twins with bible verses and hymns” she said.. “Why must you always be this negative?” I asked. “Its called being realistic. Sunshine, you and I don’t belong anywhere near church. We’re two broke and desperate ladies with two babies on the way. We need a solid plan of survival, and scriptures aren’t part of the deal. You don’t belong to the slow church life. You belong out here, hustling for survival, make peace with that..”.